Shit People Say to Me in the Vendors Room Vol VI

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Shit People Say to Me in the Vendors Room Volume IV – With a Twist

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15% off thru Sunday, Creative Explosion Part Deux and “HOW DO YOU DO THAT?”

15% off Thru Sunday! I decided to extend my 15% off discount through this Sunday, Mother’s Day!  Use code SPNMAMA and you’ll get 15% off! Did you also know that whenever you make a purchase from my shop you’ll receive … Continue reading

Creative Explosion, One Hit Wonders, and Mother’s Day is Nigh,

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Newsletter Revamp, Mama’s Day is Nigh, and AKF Reality Check

I am so super excited to announce that my newsletter is going to be handled by the lovely Natalie Bannister!


I met Natalie and her now husband, Tony in DenverCon last year.  Her husband had approached me asking me to design an engagement ring, as he was going to surprise Natalie by proposing to her on stage during Tahmoh Penikett’s panel – and to his word – HE DID!

Natalie Ring

Natalie wearing her Gadreel-inspired engagement ring – and I LOVE her wedding ring!

Natalie and Tony approached me in VegasCon and announced they had just gotten married – I’m soooo happy for this lovely couple!


Tony is an EPIC Crowley cosplayer – here he is as Good Doggie Crowley!

She and I hit it off from the gate and in my search for my newsletter ninja and I knew within the first 5 minutes of speaking with her that she was the perfect fit.

Please follow both Natalie on Tony on Twitter – she’s @hufflecas and he’s @CrowleyInSales

Starting Monday, 4/18, Natalie will be handling all of my newsletter needs but I’ll still be the point of contact.

If you’d like to be a Newsletter Peep – you’ll have access to sales before the general public, you’ll get special deals only available to Newsletter Peeps, and find out about my newest designs before everyone else – just email me and make sure to include your birthday – I’ll be sending you a special gift around your birthday!

Mother’s Day is May 8 – if you’d like to have something delivered in time for Mother’s Day – make sure your order is placed NO LATER THAN April 25! Any orders received afterwards cannot be guaranteed for Mother’s Day delivery.

AKF Reality Check

It’s with a very heavy heart that I have to write this – it’s come to my attention that there are people out there that are abusing the Always Keep Fighting message.

The abuse is coming in the form of stealing other artists’ designs and using them for profit.

Some of these artists weren’t even selling there wares, they were spending money out of their own pocket and giving their items away at conventions – but people stole their ideas and decided to sell what didn’t belong to them on sites such as etsy.

And to add insult to injury – these people aren’t even DONATING their ill-gotten gains.

AKF Stainless Steel 1 inch

Always Keep Fighting’s message runs so much deeper than mental health awareness – it’s about the heart of the SPNFamily and while not everyone has these struggles that AKF lends its support to – everyone in the SPNFamily should respect what AKF is about and put greed, attention-seeking, and negativity aside.

I’m an approved AKF fundraiser.  I donate 50% of each AKF item’s sale to To Write Love on Her Arms.  The other 50% is used to cover fees I get charged and the materials needed to make the items. I was up front with this when I pitched my proposal to fundraiser when Jared first launched his campaign over a year ago and it was approved with enthusiasm.

I’m pleading with the SPNFamily to please be aware of where you are buying your AKF gear.  Please vet out the seller or site you are considering purchasing from.  I understand some of the merchandise is cool, fun, or hell, you just want it.  But in order to maintain the integrity of the AKF message, please consider how your purchase will impact the AKF mission.

Think about how Jared, Jensen, or Misha would feel knowing their message is being pretty much pirated for profit – I know it breaks my heart.

Just remember why AKF was started – what can YOU do to make a difference?

Tell me what AKF means to you – email me between 4/17/16-4/23/16 – I will choose the top three responses and feature them in next week’s blog

Thanks, y’all!



Shit People Say to Me in the Vendor’s Room Volume III, What’s in a Name? and Looking for a Volunteer!

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Highlighting My Charity Pieces

One of the things I love most of all about my #SPNFamily is how giving and compassionate y’all are. I am very honored to be able to contribute my part and have been approved to do work for several organizations … Continue reading

So Much of the Things!!!!

I’ve got a lot to share with you guys!

First, I wanted to remind everyone that I have a brand-new coupon code in my shop, FREESHIPPING which will give you free shipping anywhere in the United States good through December 15,which will give you free shipping anywhere in the United States good through December 15.
This will include everything in my shop except for the following: fund raiser pieces (which I have a groovy new one to show you that I made in collaboration with the amazing Ruth Connell), gift certificates, and bottles.

I have a bunch of three new designs, including, A Very Supernatural Christmas. This is a special edition limited time design available now through 12/24/15:

Two pieces from my new Monsters Series:

The left is “The Djinn’s Illusion”, the right is “The Shapeshifter’s Metamorphosis “.

A new actor-inspired piece “Tahmoh’s Serenity”

A new character piece, “Officer Doug’s Sentiment “:

A new themed piece “Wayward Daughters Academy”:

And much more!

The new fundraiser piece is a piece Ruth Connell and are using to fundraise for My Hope Chest, an organization that provides funding for women who have had mastectomies and need reconstructive surgery.

I am donating 80% of the sales to My Hope Chest. For more on My Hope Chest, visit them here: My Hope Chest

In my YouTube Livestream show news, I’ve recently interviewed many amazing people including three special edition episodes where I interview Jennifer Copping (Sandra Phelan), Lauren Tom (Mama Tran), Samantha Smith (Mary Winchester) , Lindsey McKeon (Tessa the Reaper), Lisa Berry (Billie the Reaper) Katie Sarife (Marie) Emily Fonda (Ann Marie) and Cora Idle, chairperson of the Ladies of SPN Con.

Other recent interviews include a one on one with Emily Fonda, Brendan Taylor (Officer Doug), Kelcy of Passion Earth Collections (her work is beautiful, please check it out!) and Justin Daub, an actor who specializes in improv – I conducted the interview with him in character as Castiel.

If you want to see these videos, just subscribe to me at  So Get This Every week you’ll have the opportunity to ask the guests questions via chat live!

There’s always a giveaway too – either for an actual piece or for a gift certificate!

My jewelry is also making it to both the big screen and YouTube screen! Most recently in yesterday’s Hocus Pocus Parody done by the Hillywood Show! I made the set Winifred dons through the whole amazing production!

My jewelry will also be in Homeowner, a short film written by Natalie aka @weirdowhowrites and directed by Ryan Curtis.

I’ll also be interviewing Natalie and Ryan on next week’s episode of So Get This!

There’s also an upcoming short film, Valla, where my pieces will be featured!

Watch this space for details!

I’m also trying to get to the Albuquerque Comic Con in January – keep your fingers crossed! This will be the first non-SPN con for me ever!

Speaking of SPN Cons, I’ll be at EVERY con in 2016, I hope to see you there!

People who buy from me directly at cons get a special coupon for my online shop!

Additionally, it’s a great opportunity to give back – I always have raffles for a $50 gift certificate with 100% of the proceeds from the raffles donated in a 50-50 split between Random Acts and Homeboy Industries!

And don’t forget my ongoing fundraiser for the Always Keep Fighting campaign where 50% of the proceeds is donated to To Write Love on Her Arms:

I do custom stamping, customize anything and everything, and also offer a service where I design a piece specifically about YOU!

Just send me a convo in etsy at Eldwenne’s Fantasy where I have everything shown here and more and I’ll create for you!

I love my SPN Family and I appreciate all that you do, your love and support!

Customer Feature – Adina!!

Jodi here – Adina is one of the most passionate souls I’ve met through this glorious fandom we call the SPN Family.

 A little selfie action with me and the amazing Adina!

A little selfie action with me and the amazing Adina!


Adina is the epitome of what the fandom really means to me – warm, compassionate, driven, supportive, and has an impeccable taste for quality, handmade jewelry (ok, so sue me, lol!)

 Seriously though – this woman rocks and as you read through her interview you’re gonna see exactly how and why.

 Take it away, Adina!

Tell us a little bit about yourself, anything you’re comfortable sharing, work, family, philosophy, etc. Also, if you have a website or a brick & mortar business, please feel free to include that here!

I like to describe myself as dedicated and passionate; also, a deep fangirl. I love analyzing characters and plots.

In my “regular” life, I work for a healthcare consulting firm, fighting insurance denials for hospitals. I’ve been working at the same place for about 10 years, starting at entry level, and recently was promoted to supervisor.

On the side, I’m a certified graphic & web designer ( and that spills over into my fandom life. I’ll come back to this for the creative question! I also have a Fandom Page on FB: I include celebrity birthdays, fun pics, and encourage interactions.

Just LOOK at the creative ohoto op this woman did with Jensen and Jared! Please come  check out her FB page and Like it!  It's addictive!

Just LOOK at the creative ohoto op this woman did with Jensen and Jared! Please come check out her FB page and Like it! It’s addictive!

Do you have any creative outlets? Tell us about them and if you have photos of your work, please feel free to share!

I do have creative outlets! I’m a computer graphic designer by hobby and side business. I mentioned my website earlier ( I have designed book covers as well as custom websites. I also make fandom graphics such as The Year of Winchesters, which was my desktop wallpaper for several years. I don’t currently write fanfic, but I did dabble in it for several fandoms over the years. I’m always analyzing shows and thinking “what if” – it just hardly ever turns into an actual story!


Adina's Graphic Design Biz - Square Pins! LOVE the designs, Adina!!

Adina’s Graphic Design Biz – Square Pins! LOVE the designs, Adina!!


A fang-tastic (stop groaning, you know you giggled) book cover Adina designed - which is available on Amazon!

A fang-tastic (stop groaning, you know you giggled) book cover Adina designed – which is available on Amazon!


A Year of Winchesters - Adina knows how to pick 'em!!

A Year of Winchesters – Adina knows how to pick ’em!!

Who would've thunk that Chuck + Lucifer = adorable graphics! I LOVE Adina's work!

Who would’ve thunk that Chuck + Lucifer = adorable graphics! I LOVE Adina’s work!


What draws you to handmade jewelry as opposed to store-bought, factory manufactured pieces?

I think it’s the personal touch that goes into it. Also, the ability to customize – I went up to Jodi and said “Hey, can you do something like this, but a little different like this?” and she was able to do it right then and there! It’s the knowledge that no one else has something exactly like yours.

Adina and Ally! Wonder Twin Powers ACTIVATE!  Form of...TWO AWESOME SPN bracelets!

Adina and Ally! Wonder Twin Powers ACTIVATE! Form of…TWO AWESOME SPN bracelets!


What types of pieces stand out to you, for example, wire work, crystals, etc., and why?

I would say I notice the crystals first, but I’m more likely to buy the hammered sayings because I’m all about the quotes!

Adina wearing the "Today is Tuesday, but Yesterday was Tuesday Too!" necklace which goes smashingly with her Mystery Spot shirt!

Adina wearing the “Today is Tuesday, but Yesterday was Tuesday Too!” necklace which goes smashingly with her Mystery Spot shirt!


Is there something about Eldwenne’s Fantasy – Quality Handmade Jewelry by Jodi Zulueta that stands out to you?

Jodi herself is so personable and friendly! Her work is lovely and it’s a pleasure to buy from her. Plus, her stuff is different than the typical charms bracelets and necklaces.


Adina wearing a one of a kind piece designed by my son, Phoenix!

Adina wearing a one of a kind piece designed by my son, Phoenix!


Wow – THANK YOU ADINA!  I really look forward to seeing you again! Maybe DCCon???

That’s right – I’ll be at DCCon this coming May!  And not only will I be there – my whole clan will be there too!  You’ll get to meet my amazing kids and husband.  I might be able to take a bathroom break at this convention – look out!  After all that hard work training myself to not pee for 12 straight hours…

I’m in the midst of creating a brand new contest for this upcoming convention since the Crowley vs. Abaddon election was such a great hit! And thanks again to Mark Sheppard and Alaina Huffman for being amazing sports and joining in my madness!

I’m also still holding a promotion that will be ongoing until I get what I want, lol!  If ANYONE has the divine influence to get Mark Sheppard to take a selfie wearing my “King of Hell” leather cuff bracelet I made him – I will give you The Deception of Crowley necklace for free!

You can win this necklace!

You can win this necklace!

So in the meantime, I’ll be working on developing the new contest for DCCon.

Are YOU going to DCCon?  If so and there’s something you’d like me to have ready and waiting for you there, drop me a line!  Either convo me in etsy through my shop at, or you can reach me on FB at my Eldwenne’s Fantasy page at – oh and by the way – I tend to get very VERY generous to peeps who share my links, retweets, etc – so, I’m just sayin’ ; )

And don’t forget I still have a special promotion running for my SPN Necklace series:

My Supernatural-Inspired Necklace series!  Available at my marked down convention price and FREE US SHIPPING!

Castiel’s Grace, The Deception of Crowley, The Purification of Sam Winchester, The Tenacity of Dean Winchester. Unfortunately The Heart of Castiel is no longer available, but version 2 of this design will be out soon!

These pieces are all marked down to the special convention price of $35 each (regular price is between $40-45) and free US shipping.

This special offer ends on April 15!  Please note, The Heart of Castiel is no longer available, however, I am creating a second version of this piece that will be presented on this upcoming Two for Supernatural Tuesday posts on FB, Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram! Come follow me!  I’m @eldwenne of course!

Next week’s post is going to be something very special – I had the honor of meeting a beautiful young woman named Brittany – she will be doing a guest post for me and it’s going to be extremely powerful.  Stay tuned and see ya’ll next week!