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I’m Baaaaack….

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Fossil Jewelry, House Calls, and Dealing with ‘Um, is that a satanic thingie?’ Questions

Thanks to a couple of really cool individuals: Eve LeStrange and George Volkman, I was able to explore a new material in my handmade jewelry journey – fossils!

Eve is a gothic horror writer extraordinairre and her site is:

Eve and George gave me the most gorgeous examples of fossilized ferns imprinted into deep blue rock.

Fossils are believed to have magickal properties that ward off negativity. What better way to keep the baddies away than by wearing a fossil as a talisman?

All of the below pieces are available for purchase in my shop:





Jewelry house calls are something that can be more than just a glorified Tupperware party.

My jewelry house calls are about engaging the group, creating a workshop atmosphere without the monotone lecture.

How fun is it when I bring over a project to do and we got a bunch of adults and kids sitting round together learning how to create their own handmade works of art??

When I do a jewelry house call, I make sure that each person works on a piece that fits their personality – handmade jewelry is all about being unique, human, and YOU.

Now, as most of you may have noticed, I’m Wiccan and proud. Many pieces of mine either contain Wiccan/Pagan imagery or can be used for Wiccan/Pagan needs such as talismans.

How many times have you been asked, “um, that star thing – that’s the sign I’d the devil! Are you a satan worshipper??”

Imagine that question coming up at a jewelry house call – awkward doesn’t even begin to describe the vibe….

I have to calmly explain that the star represents the elements. The triple moon represents the three phases of the goddess.

Once you get into the feminine empowerment aspects of the goddess, it usually paves the way for their acceptance, understanding’ and either a ‘tell me more’ or ‘ok, understood, let’s make that woven pentagram necklace now.”

Now you probably think this blog is all over the map and disjointed but I really can connect the fossils, the house calls, and the education pieces together, I swear!

The introduction of these fantastic new materials, fossils, has given me an entirely new medium to explore, to share with my house calls/workshops, and to help others understand the potential and beauty of natural materials in art.

Supernatural and Vampire Diaries fans – I’ve been invited by Creation Entertainment to sell my jewelry at Supernatural and Vampire Diaries conventions!

I have a lot of gorgeous Wiccan and Pagan pieces! New ones uploaded every day into my shop:

I need help funding the travel expenses – if you donate to my Go Fund Me page, you will receive a gift certificate for my jewelry equal to (sometimes more than!) the amount of your donation!



Handmade Jewelry On Demand Party and a Discount!

Wow, it’s been a while, huh?

Ok, well lots of things have happened.  I lost my day job, started studying to obtain my teaching license, and am considering moving from Jersey City to a suburb outside of Nashville.

And that’s all within the past MONTH.

2013 started out to be quite a challenge, however, it was the kick in the pants that I needed to get my life on track.

My husband and I were running at the track this morning and I was telling him about my new service that I am offering called Jewelry on Demand.

I go to people’s homes (or they come to mine) and I display samples of my unique, handmade jewelry.

My clients point to what they want, I sit down and make it then and there on the spot, in front of them.

Beach Stone Pendant

There really truly is something behind seeing the product come to life in front of you.  I initially got the idea a couple of years ago at a flea market.

I was at a flea market trying desperately to sell my jewelry.  A little girl came over and told me how pretty a pair of my earrings were but she wanted to see them in red.

I always bring along my tools and some supplies with me to flea markets so that I have something to do while I wait pathetically for clients, lol!  It also comes in handy if a client wants to adjust something, like changing the length of a necklace, for example.

Anyway, I crack out my tools and supplies and get to work making a pair of earrings for the little girl.

Her mother came over and asked me what I was doing.  I explained that her daughter wanted to see a different version of the earrings and the mother then said, “Can you make me a pair in blue??”

So I got right on that and before I knew it, I had a line of people waiting for me to create something right there in front of them, to their specifications.  It was SO MUCH FUN!

I coined the term “Jewelry on Demand” because that’s pretty much what it is!  You demand, I create.


Imagine throwing your daughter a birthday party where the guests walk away with unique, one of a kind jewelry handmade before their eyes….or jewelry that they make themselves under my instruction!

Movement was a key part of this design.

Movement was a key part of this design.

So my husband said, “So you’re throwing JODI parties.  Jewelry On Demand Inc. parties!”

Now why didn’t I think of that???

He’s clever like that, so I’ll keep him : )

I am very VERY pleased to announce that JODi parties are now happening and if you live in the NYC metropolitan area,  I’d be delighted to come on over!

If you’re the kind of person that doesn’t feel like stressing over having company – come on over to my place instead!  I’ll put on some coffee or tea, we’ll have some snacks and I’ll get cranking with some one of a kind designs specifically for you!

MAN it feels so good to take the reins over my life – give it a try!!

So if you’re interested in a JODi party, convo me for a special discount towards your party!  AND just because, here is a Coupon Code to use in my etsy shop for 10% off your jewelry purchase in my etsy shop: RETURN10.