Hurry Up 2017!

2016 – let’s put you in the rear-view mirror, please, shall we?
I was going to write a much different post but realized it would be antithetical to the meaning I’m trying to convey. 

This year was challenging. An understatement, but y’all get my drift. 

I want to thank each and every one of you who’s touched my life; my kids-David, Vi (kid in law to be!), Jaden, Phoenix, Raven, my husband Merrill, my friends, my customers, my customers who are now also my friends, my #SPNFamily, my #vendorsquad (ConQuest Journals, Hunter’s Specialties aka Zerbe, Hunter’s Den, House of Darkly, Padalecki Studios, RJ, Posh Geekery, Inspyred Creations) Creation Entertainment, and the cast and crew of Supernatural. 

Through each obstacle, all of you showed nothing but love, support, and reminded me what’s important: it’s what you have, not what you don’t. 

Thank you all for showing me how amazing people can be and for being there for me. 
May 2017 be a year of happiness, success, kindness, and growth. 

Happy Holidays and new year, y’all!