Shit People Say to Me on the Interwebs

Y’all know my infamous “Shit People Say to Me in the Vendors Room” posts, right?  Well, looks like I have to start a new series – Shit People Say to Me on the Interwebs.
There Is a HUMAN BEING Who Posts These Pics, Folks


I may not be Wonder Woman – but I’m gonna keep striving    to be!

Yes – I am a business.  And one of the ways I promote my work is by posting pictures and news on my Facebook Page.

It seems that because I am a business, people feel that it’s ok to comment as if the pictures just appear out of nowhere and aren’t attached to anyone. But they are attached to an air-breathing human being.

By posting such comments, it’s the equivalent of talking about a person that’s standing right next to you, as if they’re invisible.

Posting comments such as “If only it were ____ color” or “I don’t like wearing jewelry” (then why the FUCK are you on a jewelry page?) or “It’s ok, but not my thing”….etc – totally not the reason why I post these things.

Yes, I do understand that by me posting my wares, comments such as these (and much worse) are a risk I am taking.  But I also can stand up and say how it’s not right, it’s not how we should treat others, and I wouldn’t EVER do that to anyone else.

By putting myself and my work out into the world, I am taking the chance that there will be some negativity directed at my and my wares.  I understand that. But don’t expect me to not defend myself and take it in stride.

My “Contact Form” in my shop – Eldwenne’s Fantasy isn’t supposed to be used to send me messages like, “WHAT??  NO OUTLANDER PIECES??? WTF??” It’s there to ask me questions about the work I do or to POLITELY ask me for a custom design.  Which COULD be an Outlander piece.

While I do try to keep a positive frame of mind, trust me, despite my rants, I DO try to stay happy, I feel that there are so many bullies out there that feel it’s necessary to hide behind the safety of their keyboards and attack people.  Either in a subtle way or not so subtle way – either way – it sucks.

One of my biggest issues (of at least 1,489,682 known ones that I’ve identified within myself) is that I expect to be treated with the same respect I show to everyone else.  Incredibly unrealistic, I do understand that. So should I be surprised when someone tells me my work is disrespectful because it uses Jared’s name in a piece?  BTW, that I have PERMISSION TO USE?  FROM JARED?  AND HIS OWN MOTHER? (who owns several of my pieces, thank you very much).

I shouldn’t be surprised, but I still feel that twinge each and every time it happens.

As a person who has been very open about my depression and anxiety, being a caregiver to someone who has bipolar disorder, the mother of 4 kids, one of which is hearing impaired AND running a business all on my own, I would think that people would be, I don’t know, a LITTLE bit respectful and refer to the adage “If you ain’t got nothing NICE to say…”

I spent my entire childhood and young adulthood dealing with the effects of being bullied in school and abused at home. So maybe I’m more sensitive than most.  Maybe it’s the whole “grow a thicker skin” thing.

But truth be told – I’m a fucking survivor and I’ve got thicker skin than MOST.  Because I’m still here.  I’m still working my ass off EVERY DAY to make my wares, develop new ones, run my business, be a mother to my children, a wife to my husband, a friend to my friends, and try to do something nice for myself every once in a while.

So I’m not going ANYWHERE. I work too damn hard to let these shallow beings’ words make me question my lot in life or my abilities.

But don’t think I’m the “turn the other cheek” kind of person.  I’m not.  I have two middle fingers and I know whose faces to shove them in. Even if said faces are hidden behind computer monitors and keyboards and I’ll never see them in person.

People can say all the negative shit or give me all the digs they want.  At the end of the day – I’m still working on pieces that I hope bring as much happiness to my customers as they do to me.

Heart and Soul 2

Heart and Soul – Inspired by every single woman who has appeared on or worked behind the scenes of Supernatural.  One of the reasons I remember to keep positive.

For all of you out there who have been unerringly supportive – know that I appreciate all of you so so much and consider y’all to be my family.

Angels are Watching Over You

Angels are Watching Over You – this is how you ALL make me feel.  You are all my angels.

And to those who like to add some snark to my life?  Thanks for the extra push for me to show you how wrong you all are.




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