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Going Au Supernatural Part Deux, No Bathroom Issues, and the Joy of Epiphanies

Well hasn’t this been quite a weekend…I ventured over to the Hanover Marriott, located in Whippany, NJ, to vend at the Salute to Supernatural Convention.

I never did an event of this scale before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  One thing for sure, I didn’t expect Misha Effing Collins coming over to check out my wares.

The below photo: My starstruck daughter, Raven is beside me, my 8 year old son Phoenix is next to Misha, and my unimpressed husband, Merrill, is standing behind Phoenix.  Said unimpressed husband did ask for, and receive a fistbump from Misha so that he could walk around saying he was “touched by angel.”



I was very fortunate to have the best vendor neighbors, hence, no bathroom issues (refer to previous post).  One of my neighbors was a fabulous gothic horror writer, Ms. Eve LeStrange. (Her husband, George, was gracious enough to take the above photo of Misha!)  I purchased both of Eve’s books: ‘Widdershins’ and its sequel, ‘Solitary Fire’.  I started reading ‘Widdershins’ and I’m HOOKED!

If you want to get to know Eve LeStrange a little better, please do go to her website:

My other neighbor, Shannon, produces incredible T-shirts for us Clifhangers – fans of Clif Kosterman, the bodyguard for Jared Padaleckicki and Jensen Ackles – the main stars of Supernatural.

Clifhangers can follow Clif on Twitter via his handle @bodyguardforJandJ

As soon as Shannon’s website is up and running I’ll make sure to post it here because I have to tell you – I have never worn a more flattering, well-designed  T shirt. She also sells beanies!

Selling face to face to my target audience – I was in HEAVEN.  I was surrounded by like-minded people who appreciated handmade jewelry.  I did very well and I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT!

As I was completing a transaction for one of my wire-wrapped geode necklaces it hit me.  Hard.  Why am I NOT doing this on a full time basis? The epiphany hit me like a freight train (please excuse the trite expression but seriously, I had to sit down when it occurred to me!!)

With that being said, I’ve decided to aggressively pursue the convention circuit!  I’ve even been asked by Creation Entertainment to join them as a vendor for their upcoming Vampire Diaries convention in Parsippany, NJ this July!

I will also be doing the Supernatural Conventions in Toronto in October and in LA in November.

So it was an incredibly profound experience for me on many levels.  But the most amazing part of it all was that I realized that I was finally in my element – being my own boss producing  jewelry I am extremely proud of, meeting fantastic people from all over the world.

The little Winchester Sandwich didn’t hurt either (psst – I’m wearing my Clifhanger tee):


So a HUGE thank you again goes out to my fave neighbors, Eve and Shannon!

If anyone sends a little love to me via a convo at my etsy shop: – you’ll get 20% off discount code!