My Featured Customers of the Month – the Lovely Ladies of TVDNJ!

I met so many beautiful women at The Vampire Diaries Convention in Parsippany, NJ – they all deserve the spotlight!


Every single person that stopped by my table to browse or to buy – they were all so encouraging, sweet, and whether they bought something or not – made me feel very good about what I was doing.  That’s how I know I’m in the right biz here! It’s not just about what I’m creating, it’s for whom I’m creating – YOU!

These ladies are featured in no particular order, they are all equally beautiful, fiercely intelligent, great conversationalists, and I do hope to see them again at future TVD and SPN events!

Here is Monica.  Monica had a perpetual smile on her face while she perused my wares and was such a pleasure to talk to.  She opted for a pair of silver pentagram earrings accented with beautiful black beads with silver stars etched into them.

I saw her again a little while later and she stopped by to show me that she had to put them on immediately and wear them for the rest of the weekend!


The  beautiful Monica, modeling her new toys!


Here’s a closeup of the earrings – these were not available in my shop but will be soon! Keep an eye on

Then there was the dynamic duo of Zephyr and Kierstin – they were working the booth directly across from me which was heaven on earth – autographed photos and posters galore!  You name the movie, they had it!  My particular favorite was this gorgeous shot of Jensen Ackles.  Autographed!  AAAHH!!!

Zephyr and Kierstin (I soooo love their names!) worked their tails off the entire weekend and spent a lot of their hard-earned money at my table on such things like one of my silver woven and glass necklaces and one of my hammered silver and glass necklaces:


This is Zephyr wearing a green glass necklace with hammered silver


This is a made to order piece available in my shop (Photo by – 201-298-3444)


Here is Kierstin wearing my silver weave with blue glass necklace.  


This is also a made to order piece – just drop me a line! (Photo by – 201-298-3444) 

Jezzalyn and Lauren – best friends extraordinaire! They were looking for matching bracelets to represent their friendship and were smitten with a pentagram bracelet I had that was adorned with red Swarovski crystals.  I had more of the pentagram links to make another bracelet, but no more of the red crystals.

They came up with a great solution on their own.  Turns out that Jezzalyn’s birthstone is red and Lauren’s is green.  I did have some green crystals.  I told them to go have a swim in the hotel pool for a bit and that when they are done, their bracelets should be ready.  Here’s how happy they were with the results:


The smiles on those faces made my day!


A closer look at their matching pentagram friendship bracelets 

It turns out that these young ladies were busy working with Bob Somerhalder’s table.  Yes, THAT Bob Somerhalder.  He does amazing work with repurposed pieces of lumber from farmhouses – the business is called Built of Barnwood, or how it’s affectionately known as B.O.B.   Here is a link to their site:

My customer of that weekend – Joanna!!  She and her mom were such an absolute delight to spend time with.  They have such a beautiful relationship and I do hope that when my daughter Raven is older that she and I have what Joanna and her mom, Joan share.

Here is the beautiful Joanna wearing two of my pieces: Ice Blue Earrings and the Wire Wrapped Peacock Crystal Necklace:


This young lady is quite the diplomat and is most likely a future Hillary Clinton!  And she has this perpetual smile that’s infectious!

Here are closeups of the pieces that Joanna is wearing:


The Blue Ice earrings are available as a made to order item!


Joanna snatched up the last one of these!  Lucky girl! (Photo by – 201-298-3444)

What an amazing experience the TVDNJ was!  I’m now looking forward to getting to Vancouver for the Salute to Supernatural convention next month!!

My friend and I are looking to share a hotel with a roommate to help defray the costs.  The hotel room is in the Sheraton where the convention is taking place (and is sold out, by the way!)

There’s a tremendous perk for you if you’re interested – as a vendor at the event, I have access to the entire weekend for myself plus one guest.  The convention is sold out, so if you’re still trying to get a weekend pass for the event, you can get in FOR FREE FOR THE ENTIRE WEEKEND, if you share hotel costs with my friend and me.  The cost would be $200 plus tax for the entire weekend.

Please note that my access does not include any autographs or photo ops – those you need to purchase on your own.

Also good news – if you donate to my fundraiser to jumpstart my convention circuit jewelry business, you receive a gift certificate for my jewelry that’s worth MORE than your donation amount!  You can also cash these gift certificates in when you see me at a convention, not just in my online shop!!

If you donate $25 – you get a gift certificate for $50.

Donations of $50 receive a gift certificate for $75

Donations of $75 receive a gift certificate for $100 -it just keeps getting better!!

To donate to my fundraiser, please visit my link:

Thank you everyone for your continued support and I look forward to seeing you at the VanCon 2013, if I can get the funding going – thank you!!!


TVDNJ and Carrying On in the Convention Circuit!

Wow, what a weekend!!  The Vampire Diaries Convention in Parsippany, NJ came and went so quickly I’m still reeling!

I arrived late Friday night to set up and be ready for the Gold Pass patrons that were there to pre-register.

The location of my table was ideal – I was literally five feet away from the autograph table where a couple of very special guests would be greeting the fantastic TVD fans!

What a challenge it was to arrange my table – I created soooo many new pieces and I just wanted to be able to put them all on display at once.  Logistics being what they were, unless I rented three tables it wasn’t happening, lol!

So I tried my best to artfully arrange my wares and my table did receive a lot of attention.


Cluttered, yet classy….I think

This was an incredible learning experience for me.  I learned that I do absolutely adore selling in person as opposed to online.  I mean I do need to keep a strong online presence, obviously, but nothing takes the place of being there with someone and working with them directly to get to the perfect piece they are looking for, or didn’t realize they were looking for!

Not only were the patrons there amazing, but the other vendors as well.  I got to meet some very special people, such as Zephyr and Kierstin.  They specialize in autographed posters and photos of celebrities.  I can’t tell you what an amazing view I had the entire weekend of a GORGEOUS signed pic of Jensen Ackles directly across the way….sigh….

Then there was the mom and daughter team of Joan and Joanna – a dynamic duo to say the least!

I also met a great couple of best friends Jezzalyn and Lauren.  They were looking for matching bracelets to represent their friendship.

The lovely Monica bought a pair of earrings and put them on immediately – warmed my heart!

Zephyr, Kierstin, Joanna, Joan, Jezzalyn, Lauren and Monica are going to be featured next week, so keep your eyes on this space!

I’ve been getting asked “What were your biggest sellers?”  – well, I had a couple of really big hits – my wrap necklaces and a lot of my pentagram jewelry.


My wrap necklaces were a big hit!  This is my Goddess Spirals Gunmetal Chains and Angel Wings piece


The Ladies of TVDNJ – They will be featured next month, so watch this space!

Also up there were my stamped necklaces.

Damon Stamped Necklace

Damon Stamped Necklace

Impala License Plate Stamped Necklace

Stamping is a new medium for me (please refer to my last post “Stamping out The Vampire Diaries – Jewelry That Is!”).  I had so much fun doing it and am still enjoying exploring its potential that I’ve come up with a TON of new stamping ideas.

Imagine this – five silver circles stamped with the most memorable quotes and word associations of Supernatural!!  Here are some descriptions of what I have on the drawing board:

Dean’s bracelet:

Son of a Bitch


Eye of the Tiger



Sam’s bracelet:






Castiel’s bracelet:





I’m God

Crowley’s bracelet:

King of Hell


Let’s Make a Deal

Son of a Witch

Hello Boys

I even came up with a other bracelets celebrating Bobby, Charlie, Gabriel, Dick Roman – I can do pretty much any SPN character, just let me know if you have an interest in someone specific or if you want a combined bracelet!

Now, back to the TVDNJ convention!

As I mentioned earlier, my table was so close to the autograph table for a couple of special guests.

First to come in and sign was the most beautiful Torrey DeVitto!  She was so stunning and treated each and every fan as if they were the most important person on the planet.  A true, genuine person.

My daughter, Raven, insisted on giving her a present!  She grabbed one of my geode necklaces (because she said it matched Torrey’s shirt) ran over and gave it to her.  Torrey very graciously took the gift and immediately put it on!

Later on came the charismatic Charlie Brewley! He was very upbeat and also treated everyone very nicely.

Raven said we can’t give Torrey a gift without giving one to Charlie as well, it wouldn’t be fair.  So I tore apart my table trying to find a piece that could remotely be considered masculine.  Aha!  I found something!

I had a very simple dalmation obsidian stone on a black cord.  Great!  I lean over to retrieve a gift box from my bag on the floor.  And promptly stumble over my own two feet and land on my rear end.  I look up and I see one of the Creation people trying to help me up, the volunteer at the table with Charlie AND Charlie, all looking over at me with their jaws hanging open.

The Creation lady asked me if I was ok.  “Aside from an extreme case of embarrassment, I’m fine,” I replied.

I then looked over at Charlie and said, “Yes – I AM always this graceful.  But this is actually your fault.”

“What did I do?” he laughed?

“I was trying to get a box so my daughter could give you this.” I said and walked over with Raven, so she could hand him the necklace.

He looked at it and appeared to like it, I think, lol!  He then asked me a bit about my jewelry making, said hi to Raven, and I went back to my table to try to salvage what was left of my dignity.

I want to point out that I do not have photos of the celebrities because there are very strict rules in that you are not supposed to take photos of the celebrities while they are at the autograph table and I respect the rules laid out by both the celebrities and Creation Entertainment.

So overall it was an amazing time filled with fantastic people, learning experiences, and more inspiration to “carry on” and continue my journey on the convention circuit.

Raven was also very inspired by the weekend and told me that she wants to become a jewelry designer when she grows up. I’ve never received a greater compliment.


Raven taking a very well-deserved rest after working such a hard weekend!

I’d also like to thank all of you who have been wonderful customers and those who have been such supporters that have donated to my Go Fund Me Page:

It’s because of support like this that I’m able to get my small business started.  I still do need a little boost in order to successfully complete the convention circuit for the remainder of the year, if you could please pass my link along I would greatly appreciate that!

Remember, every donation receives a gift certificate worth MORE than the donation amount!  And it never expires – so there’s no time limit.  It’s good until ya spend it!


Thank you, everyone!!

Stamping Out Vampire Diaries – Jewelry, That Is!


Yes, I am SOOOOOOO excited about this coming weekend!  On Saturday, July 13 through Sunday, July 14, I will be at The Vampire Diaries convention in Parsippany, NJ.  I’ll actually be there the evening of Friday, July 12 for any VIPs coming in!

A great friend of mine suggested I branch out into stamping to see how what I could come up with.

I don’t get out of my comfort zone often enough, so I welcomed the challenge.

I invested in a stamping kit, some beautiful silver discs, and some tools so that I could shape the discs, and I was raring to go!

You see Damon up above, here is Stefan and Elena:



I had so much fun making these.  I also learned a couple of new skills.  Stamping is not as straightforward as you may think and it takes some concentration to get the desired effects you’re looking for.

And to make the pieces more interesting, I hammered the discs into domes for some dimension.

The finishing touches are a gorgeous bead and black satin cord.

Now you all know me, I need to tie in some Supernatural action, right?  Check out my license plate necklace:


I also created so many new pieces, such as my pentagram cuff bracelet, Medusa ring, and my Blue Aurora Borealis and Copper necklace:


Pentagram Cuff Bracelet


Medusa Ring View 1



Medusa Ring View 2


Blue Aurora Borealis and Copper Necklace

I’m really looking forward to meeting you at the Vampire Diaries convention this weekend, please do come by and say hi!

I will also be selling gift certificates at the convention, but if you want more bang for your buck, if you make a donation via my Go Fund Me page: you’ll receive a gift certificate worth MORE than your donation amount which is good towards all jewelry in my etsy shop at!  The gift certificates never expire – they’re good until you spend ’em!

For example, if you donate $25, you receive a gift certificate for $50!  For a $50 donation you recieve $75! for $100 you receive $125! and it keeps getting better – It’s a great opportunity and you’ll be helping a woman jumpstart her small business dream.

Supernatural and Vampire Diaries fans – I’ve been invited by Creation Entertainment to sell my jewelry at Supernatural and Vampire Diaries conventions!

I have a lot of gorgeous Wiccan and Pagan pieces! New ones uploaded every day into my shop: