I’m Baaaaack….

Wow, it’s been a looooong time!

I want to be up front with y’all about something that’s been going on with me – I have been contending with a health issue, an auto-immune condition which affects my platelet count.

It’s been flaring up and I’ve had to undergo medical intervention, which is why I’ve been very behind in not only my orders, but my online presence as well.

In addition, my oldest son got married two weeks ago and between traveling from PhoenixCon, working the convention, coming home and immediately driving to NJ for the wedding, it really took a toll on me physically.

I’m not writing this to garner sympathy of any kind – I want to be completely transparent about what’s going on and the reason for sharing this information with you is to let you all know how deeply moved I am by the level of patience and understanding everyone has given me.

I know I had made it very public that during June I’d be very hard to get a hold of in order to spend quality time with my family at the wedding, but when I was hit with an unexpected drop in my health and I needed more time to get back on my feet, I hadn’t expected THIS.

Y’all have been so super amazing.  I appreciate every single one of you. Everyone was so respectful of my family time and my recuperating time.

Words can’t express my gratitude adequately.


Ok! Remember my BOGO when I reached 4K Twitter followers?  Well, I want Instagram to be just as fun! I currently have as of this writing 707 Instagram followers (account is @eldwenne).
If I can reach at least 1K followers on Instagram by midnight CDT July 31, I will do ANOTHER BOGO!  YEP! So, follow, tell your friends!

My Domain


So as most of you know, my new domain is now up and running, however, not as well as I’d like! The platform I use doesn’t provide for customers outside of the US – it’s very frustrating.

I’m trying to move away from etsy, however, that would leave all of my international customers out in the cold and I AIN’T lettin’ that happen!

All new designs are going to be added to my new domain eldwennesfantasy.com, not to etsy, however –  If you are outside of the US, simply contact me in my etsy shop eldwenne.etsy.com and I will set up a custom listing for you to purchase the new stuff.  This will be the procedure until the platform is viable for international purchases.

I do apologize that this is the way it’s (not) working at the moment, but know that I am working with my developers to get this last part up and running for you!

If you are in the US, please use EldwennesFantasy.com.  Outside the US please use Etsy.


Today is the last day to get the following designs:

The Winchester Life Cycle Bracelet

Winchester Life Cycle Bracelet

Season 12 Heroes

Season 12 Heroes 2

Cas & Crowley – Team Free Hell

Cas & Crowley - Team Free Hell2

And I’ll let y’all in on the designs that will be retiring starting on July 1 and gone forever July 7:

Angelic Harmony Earrings

Angelic Harmony Earrings

Castiel’s Flight Earrings

Castiel's Flight Earrings

Mick’s Manly BMOL Scruff

Mick's Manly BMOL Scruff

Soul of Sam Winchester Ring (will only available with the Soul of Sam Winchester Set after July 7)

Soul of Sam Winchester Ring

Soul of Sam Winchester Earrings (will only available with the Soul of Sam Winchester Set after July 7)

Soul of Sam Winchester Earrings


New designs

TONS of new designs are coming up that I’m very excited about.  Not just Supernatural!  Here’s a list of what’s going on!

The Supernatural Garden:

Castiel’s Garden

Dean’s Garden

Mary’s Garden

Rowena’s Garden

Sam’s Garden

Bugs (no, not the Supernatural ep!)

A series inspired by butterflies, dragonflies, bees, ladybugs…

Spiders (‘nuff said!)


Eldwenne’s Safari – a series inspired by beautiful animals such as tigers, leopards, zebra, OH MY!

Owls – because how fucking cool are THEY??

Villains series – awesome new pieces such as Catwoman, Emma Frost, Dark Phoenix, and more!

The Walking Dead – EPIC Glen piece is underway!

This Family is AMAZING

I also wanted to take a moment to talk about some amazing things I’ve been seeing online.

State of Slay, aka the beautiful Carrie Genzel.

Carrie Genzel appeared in two episodes of Supernatural: Bugs (Yes, NOW I’m talking about the episode) and Just My Imagination (she sparkles all on her own.) I had the honor of interviewing Carrie on So Get This not too long ago and she was pure joy to speak to (and bond over Han Solo).

Carrie launched State of Slay – a blog which sends positive messages and makes you THINK.  SLAY stands for Self Love Appreciate You.

Carrie shares her journey to living authentically and it’s so inspiring.

Each day I look forward to State of Slay’s posts on social media.  And I also bought a State of Slay journal to do the Slays she asks of us at the end of each post.

Please follow @State_of_Slay on social media and her blog at stateofslay.com. Thank you for doing this, Carrie – it means so much to all of us Slayers!!!

State of Slay

Carrie’s posts also inspired daily posts by @Little_pop_work – she posts daily lyrics which fit into the theme of being a badass and living for yourself.

Little Pop

Lisa Berry (aka Billie the Reaper) and on Twitter as @_LisaBerry has been posting inspirational words for as long as I can remember and her words never cease to make me think, feel, and question/challenge myself.


All of these women are badassery, ferocity, and love.
I’m so honored to be a part of this family.


Thank y’all for everything and I’ll be in ChiCon – come say hi!



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