Highlighting My Charity Pieces

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The Hoboken Shelter, Nashville in Motion , and ClickStarting Me is Down to the Wire

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Carrying On, Knowing My Limits, and WOW, There Really Are Some Really Great People Out There!

As you all know, it’s been a year. Sick husband, lost my job, major car accident, and now – my eleven year old son has been diagnosed with depression.

It’s enough to overwhelm anyone, I’m pretty sure. Trying to stay positive in the midst of it all is quite the challenge, but I’ve had some help.

I stumbled upon a phenomenal website, Carry On – Family Don’t End with Blood. It’s a support group that is focused on the fanbase for Supernatural. It’s a tremendous resource for support; an extended family.

To quote from the site http://www.carryonspn.com :

“Carry On is a place for the Supernatural family to stand united against the evils of this world, as well as our own personal demons. It is a safe place, where you can come and know that you are not alone.”

I was so inspired by this community of selfless people that I designed a bracelet to celebrate the good work they do:

The charms read “Keep Calm and Carry On”‘ and “Peace, Love and Supernatural”

This bracelet is in their shop here: http://www.carryonspn.com/shop.html




For every bracelet sold, I will donate $5 towards their cause which helps fund al lot of the amazing projects they do!


Other examples of great people: Susan Newman, aka Suzy Brandtastic did a radio interview with me! She’s a branding guru and her site is:


To hear my interview, click here: http://www.talkshoe.com and look at the Past Interviews section – mine was on 6/14/2013.


Knowing my limits – with all of the drama that I’ve been taking on, I did have to let something go. With a heavy heart I resigned as the Events and Workshop Chair for hob’art, a cooperative gallery based in Hoboken.


One of my friends, a beautiful artist named Heather Leigh Corey, is also on the board and knew of the challenges I’ve been facing as of late. And you know what she did? She put me in touch with two MORE phenomenal people, Stacey and Clem Lespinasse – photographers who VOLUNTEERED their services to professionally photograph my jewelry!!


The photos came out so beautifully – an example is below!!! If you would like to hire Stacey and Clem, they can be reached via the following:
BrowsersOnline.com 201-298-3444




And here’s yet ANOTHER example of people being wonderful in our hard times – my van was confirmed unfixable.


With three young kids and my career depending on being able to get to conventions and shows, and virtually no money, how the heck were we gong to get through this? Simply getting another vehicle wasn’t an option. We’re just not financially able to support that.


The wonderful guys over at Aamco, our mechanics, worked with us so that we could purchase a vehicle that one of their managers owned. It’s also a van, and it runs even better than what we had! So a major thank you goes out to them too!!


This really did validate that there are some very kind, generous people out there.


I want to pay it forward, and I’m now offering added incentives for anyone who is donating to my convention fund – you will receive a gift certificate worth MORE than your donation amount!


For example, if you donate $25, you receive a gift certificate to get $40 worth of my jewelry here on etsy! For $50 you recieve $75! for $100 you receive $125! and it keeps getting better – It’s a great opportunity!


Simply go to my Go Fund Me page http://www.gofundme.com/2kwx90 and make a donation towards helping my handmade jewelry business travel the convention circuit!


Supernatural and Vampire Diaries fans – I’ve been invited by Creation Entertainment to sell my jewelry at Supernatural and Vampire Diaries conventions!


I have a lot of gorgeous Wiccan and Pagan pieces! New ones uploaded every day into my shop: http://www.eldwenne.etsy.com


I need help funding the travel expenses – if you donate to my Go Fund Me page, you will receive a gift certificate for my jewelry equal to (and sometimes more than!) the amount of your donation!