Highlighting My Charity Pieces

One of the things I love most of all about my #SPNFamily is how giving and compassionate y’all are.

I am very honored to be able to contribute my part and have been approved to do work for several organizations that allow me to give back.  I want to highlight these over the course of this weekend so we can take a moment to think about causes that are meaningful to us and how we can help support them to support those in need.

Random Acts

Misha Collins, as we all know, created Random Acts – an organization that does so much good for so many causes it’s impossible to state it all here.  But I can tell you that when I applied to design sock monkey jewelry as a fundraiser for them, I was blown away to receive the approval!

Receiving permission from the lovely artist Serina Mercado to use her sock monkey artwork that was used on shirts she designed for Random Acts, I created a line of jewelry I call Rock the Monkey – 100% of the proceeds is donated to Random Acts.


In addition to these pieces, I also do raffles at most Salute to Supernatural conventions – the winner receives a $50 gift certificate to my table and 50% of the proceeds is donated to Random Acts, who is usually there at the convention as well.

To see all the goodness that RA does, please check out the Random Acts site

The other 50% of the proceeds is donated to another organization called Homeboy Industries.


Homeboy Industries

I was introduced to Homeboy Industries through the amazing Lauren Tom, aka Mama Tran from Supernatural.

Homeboy Industries is an organization that provides services to former gang members that need transitioning and redirection.

Their services include but are not limited to tattoo removal, job training, parenting classes, and so much more. And they provide these services at NO CHARGE.

If you’d like to see the awesomeness that is Homeboy Industries, please check out their site here.


Always Keep Fighting

When Jared Padalecki launched his Always Keep Fighting campaign, I knew I had to do something for it.  It hits very close to home.  Many of my immediate family members, including myself, have struggled with mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety.


I had the honor of talking with Jared in VegasCon last year about doing #AKF jewelry to raise money for To Write Love on Her Arms, and his response was ‘Go for it! Thank you!’

So I’ve designed a line of #AKF gear where 50% of the proceeds is donated to To Write Love on Her Arms.


There are many other designs that I do as well, such as earrings, necklaces, keychains, etc.

Please be careful when you decide to purchase AKF gear because there are MANY people out there bandwagon-jumping looking to make a quick buck and are not donating proceeds to the cause.

If you really want to demonstrate support for #AlwaysKeepFighting, please make sure you are purchasing it from someone who is donating.


My Hope Chest

Another organization that I’m having a blast doing a piece for is My Hope Chest.  They are an organization that provides funding for uninsured women who need reconstructive surgery due to their battle with breast cancer.

The perfection that is Ruth Connell introduced me to this organization.  I expressed interest in doing something for My Hope Chest and Ruth asked me if I could design a necklace that looks boobs.  Well, hells yeah I could!


These necklaces are a blast to make and I donate 80% of the proceeds to the organization.

To learn more about what My Hope Chest does, please go to their site here


All of these pieces are available in my shop – just keep checking my SPN-Themed Fundraisers section for updates with new pieces!

Pass along the post so that all of our #SPNFamily can see and do what they can to help these amazing organizations!


Thanks, y’all!



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