Shit People Say to Me in the Vendor’s Room Volume 2

Yes, it’s that time of the month again – no, not THAT! Although it might seem that way after you read this one…

This is a short but sweet post – just needed to get it out there!

So it’s been a fucking WHIRLWIND of a year so far!  Jacksonville, Houston, Nashville, Vegas, and Seattle as of a week ago and DC a day ahead – WHEW!

And y’all know what that means  – more cons = more SHIT PEOPLE SAY TO ME IN THE VENDOR’S ROOM!  Whoo hoo!!

As stated in Volume 1: – one of the best things about working at the conventions is getting the opportunity to talk to my customers in person and get to know more of the SPNFamily.

ALL of my best friends on the planet are people I met at these conventions; vendors, Creation, customers, ALL OF THEM!

So if y’all wanna be besties, these are the things NOT to say to me:

  1.  These are all way too big – why the hell do you make these so big?? I personally designed each and every piece with the thought of pissing you off.  Yup – totally personal.

2.  Some of these are actually pretty!  Who’d have thunk it, right? The other pieces are all the ugly girls at the prom though..

3.  It must be nice to just up and decide to do this full time – I have to work for a living. Right???  It only took me EIGHT YEARS of balancing a full time job and my etsy shop and conventions to be able to do this full time!  I just snapped my fingers! And let’s not forget traveling every other week, sometimes back to back weeks, not seeing my kids and my husband, working 12-14 hours a  day when I am home is SO NOT WORK! But you know what?  I LOVE what I do and I wouldn’t change it for the universe. FACT. 

4.  Soooo…what is THIS? (gesturing to my entire table)  Stuff.  And thangs. Wait – wrong convention!  Saving people.  Hunting things.  The family business….

5.  Can you please give Clif my phone number? Um, it says ‘Handmade jewelry by Jodi Zulueta’, not ‘Clif Kosterman’s dating service’

But also, as I stated in volume 1, the positive stuff FAR outweighed the negative and that’s true here as well.  I met the most amazing people and received such beautiful comments:

  1.  You’re the only vendor I’m buying from this weekend – your work is so unique!
  2. While I was in the middle of making a piece, someone leaned over the table to look at what I was doing  – “Can I have that when you’re finished?”
  3. Breda and Manila bringing me caffeine all weekend – feeding the vendors – it is sooooo sweet to think of us!!
  4. “Is there anyone in this place NOT wearing Eldwenne’s Fantasy??” Um, me – I’m the worst at self-promotion..
  5. Seeing Ruth Connell and Kim Rhodes wearing my gear on stage at karaoke  – what a huge compliment!

So as I get ready to leave for DCCon in literally hours, I focus on the positives and look forward to seeing y’all there!

I LOVE my #SPNFamily!

For those not attending the con, I still have plenty of new goodies you can see in my shop Eldwenne’s Fantasy like my Shattered Resolves series!

Shattered Resolves Sam Dean Cas



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