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I’ve got so much to tell y’all!

Shit People Say to Me in the Vendors Room

ChiCon 2017 has come and gone – I want to thank everyone who came to my table – I loved meeting all of you!

And of course it would be remiss of me not to have a “Shit People Say…” section!

Scene One:

Two women approach my table. Fondle every piece on the table.

Me: “Hi!  How are you?”

Them: *dead silence*

Me: *continuing to smile*

One of Them: “Do you like this stuff?”

The Other Them: “Eh.” Continues to fondle everything on the table.

One of Them: “Are you going to buy anything here?”

The Other Them: *snorts* “If I was going to buy anything, it would’ve been from over THERE, not here.”

Me: *Smile…still…holding…sort of.*


Many of us make the wares we sell.  And even if they aren’t handmade, we are there because we have businesses and care deeply about our products. We put an incredible amount of work into not only creating the products or sourcing the products, but also the planning involved in preparing for the convention.

It’s an incredible amount of work. And this is just for one convention. Many of us, the #VendorSquad, do EVERY or MOST of the Supernatural conventions in the U.S.  And many of us do even more than that – I know Zerbe, who owns Hunter’s Specialties, does Walker Stalker cons as well as others.

Shelly and Ted of ConQuest Journals, Anne of House of Darkly, and Tiffany of Hunter’s Den do MANY other conventions in addition to Supernatural.

So the old adage “if you don’t have anything nice to say…” yeah.  That applies here.

And for all of my #SPNCHI customers – your 15% OFF code is valid through July 25!

Happy Birthday, Jared!

Today is Jared Padalecki’s birthday, and to celebrate, I’ve marked down 7 designs $10 off! I NEVER do that! If you’re in the U.S. you can order via Eldwenne’s Fantasy

If you are outside of the U.S. – please contact me in my my etsy shop and I will set up a custom listing for you with the $10 off these items.


These seven designs are all marked $10 off TODAY ONLY!

Here are the items:

Jared’s Compassion

Genevieve’s Warmth

Sam’s Garden

Sam’s Bitch Face

Simply Sam

Soul of Sam Winchester (all sizes!)

Sam Winchester Choker

These are all marked down $10 off today only!  You don’t need a coupon (and ya can’t use one, since they’re already discounted <3)

BOGO FREE, Anyone?

Remember when I did the BOGO FREE when I hit 4K followers on Twitter?  Well I’m trying to do that again for y’all!

I’m at roughly 780 followers in Instagram and I need to get to 1K.  If I can hit 1K Instagram followers by July 31 – which is in 11 days(!) – I’ll do it again!  AND the good news is that my domain – can do the BOGO FREE SYSTEMICALLY for US customers!!!!  YAY!!!

Please follow me on instagram @eldwenne – if I don’t hit my goal by 7/31 – no BOGO FREE

My Domain is live!  At the moment the developers are working on enhancing the shipping platform so that my customers outside of the US can order.

While that is being resolved, I need my U.S. customers to use and my customers outside of the U.S. to use my etsy shop.

I’ll keep y’all posted when my domain is ready for international shipping!


Mr. K Contest

The stunning man that is David Haydn-Jones posted a photo on Twitter of himself completely adorned in my Mr. Ketch designs and did a great Mr. T. impersonation.

David Haydn-Jones

So – from July 18-July 24 post a pic on Twitter of yourself wearing EVERY SINGLE Eldwenne design you own (not just Mr. Ketch and if you don’t have any Ketch – it’s totally cool. Just go buy some, damnit! <3).

Use #eldwennemrkcontest in your tweet – if you don’t, I won’t be able to pick up your post and enter it.

The winner will receive TWO epic prizes:

  1. An Eldwenne’s Fantasy $50 gift certificate
  2. DAVID HAYDN-JONES WILL SEND YOU AN AUTOGRAPHED PHOTO. Yes. He will.  Because he’s a fucking ninja super rock star.

ONLY ONE TWEET PER TWITTER HANDLE, PLEASE.  I will only count one entry per twitter handle.

The winner will be chosen using a random name picker app and announced on July 25!

New Thangs and Stuff

PLENTY of new designs are in development!

I just started a Dragon series. The first is “Dragon Wisps.”

Dragon Wisps 4

I also just started a Wonder Woman series, the first of which is “Diana”


I am developing the following series:



Reptilian Celebration

Owlish Delights

Butterflies, Dragonflies – Where My Heart Lies


And of course, new pieces for Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, Once Upon a Time, Game of Thrones, and more!

Supernatural: The Torch – Inspired by the Season 12 finale when Dean finally gives Sam the reins to lead.

Crowley Choker

Mary Winchester Cat Collar

Supernatural Dog Collars

What’s Next?

I’ll be in SPNMIN next month – hope to see you there!!!

So Get This

I’m in the process of developing a #VendorSquad episode with Hunter’s Specialties, House of Darkly, and ConQuest Journals!  STAY TUNED!

In the meantime – go subscribe at So Get This and always be up to date with what’s up! And watch some of my previous interviews, such as Briana Buckmaster, Carrie Genzel, Josh Turner, Nils Hognestad, Ruth Connell, Samantha Smith AND MORE!

Thanks, y’all!!!










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