Shit People Say to Me in the Vendor’s Room

I absolutely love meeting people at the Supernatural conventions – it’s the highlight of working at them. I get to know you better, you ask me about my process, my inspirations, I get to learn what you like and you give me creative boosts.

But once in a while, someone will come along and make me do a double-take.  Triple-take, and sometimes a full-on Linda Blair head spin.


One of my vendor room experiences I’ll never forget! PS – note the laser beams shooting from my daughter’s eyes to Misha…

Some of the comments, I do believe they were not intended to be malicious.  I try very hard to believe that.
And then there are others that I can’t help but question their upbringing or their lack of caffeine intake.

I don’t know about other vendors’ experiences, I can only speak of my own.  Without further ado, here are some gems from the ‘Shit People Say to Me in the Vendors’ Room Archive.’  These are not in any particular order.

  1. “So, what made you decide one day to string a bunch a beads together?” Because you know that’s all there is to it.  I don’t think I have any pieces where I’ve strung beads together actually…
  2. “What a cute hobby you have!  Do you have a real job?”
  3. “If I buy your necklace, how the fuck am I supposed to buy a photo op with Misha?  Can you please explain that to me??” (Yes, she got upset with me and expected me to solve this problem for her.  I told her to not buy the necklace, which I thought was a prudent decision.)  B”UT I WANT IT!  How the FUCK am I supposed to do this??”  (she was genuinely upset.  While flattered, I was also frightened.)
  4. “I only have $20.  This necklace is $40 and I really REALLY need it for my girlfriend. She couldn’t be here because she doesn’t feel well.”  I agreed to come down a bit.  He whipped out a wad of $20s (yes, they were ALL 20s – several hundred dollars worth), paid the discounted price and left with his necklace and my self-respect.
  5. “I can make that, pfft.”
  6. “My mother can make that, pfft.”
  7. “You made all the Dean pieces green because he has green eyes.”  Actually, the reason I chose green for Dean is because I associate green with being a heroic, earthy color. “He’s not earthy! His eyes are green, so that’s why you did that!” Um, no…”Well why are Cas pieces blue? MISHA HAS BLUE EYES!” Well, his grace is blue. “SO?”  Well, Sam’s pieces are clear and um, his eyes are not quite CLEAR….
  8. “And how do we know what Dean’s aura looks like?” It’s my artistic interpretation. “And we think it looks like this?” I don’t know who this ‘we’ is but as far as I knew, unless I’m schizophrenic, I was the only one in my brain when I made this…
  9. I get this one quite often: “Why did you call this one ____? That’s not right.” Well I look at each piece as being one of my children.  And I name my children whatever I want.
  10. “Do you think you could put the anti-possession symbol on a necklace for me?”  I’m sorry, that’s a licensed image.  The pentagram is not, of course, since it’s a religious symbol.  But the flames around it were designed by the artists for Supernatural.  “Yeah, that’s what I want.  The flames around it.” I can’t do that, it’s a copyright infringement. “Oh.  Ok.  Can you put it on a bracelet instead?”
  11. “I can’t afford that.  Well…actually…I CAN afford it, I just choose NOT to!” I swear I did NOT piss in her corn flakes before that comment. Or after.
  12. Groups are always fun too.  “Do you like this?” “No, it’s ugly.”  or “Do you like this?” “Yeah, if I wanted to be tacky.” HELLOOOOO, I’M STANDING RIGHT HERE…
  13. “Your wrapping got better than a few years ago.” Well thanks!  Apparently your tact has not!

Don’t get me wrong, these are so very few and far between.  Most of the comments and conversations I have at my table are AMAZING and I love talking with all of you!

Here are some of my favorite comments:

  2. I bought this from you two years ago and it’s still my favorite piece of jewelry.
  3. I see like tons of people wearing this and I want one!
  4. This piece means so much to me, I can’t explain it.
  5. Please don’t ever stop doing what you’re doing – we love you.

These comments and way too many more to list here are what helps me keep going and I appreciate every single one of you for taking the time to let me know how my jewelry has made you happy in some way.

As I get ready for NashCon, I focus on the positive stuff, filled with pure joy about being a part of this wonderful family.

I love y’all and I hope you’ll come by my table to chat! I promise even if it’s a snarky remark I won’t bite…too hard.




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