Fossil Jewelry, House Calls, and Dealing with ‘Um, is that a satanic thingie?’ Questions

Thanks to a couple of really cool individuals: Eve LeStrange and George Volkman, I was able to explore a new material in my handmade jewelry journey – fossils!

Eve is a gothic horror writer extraordinairre and her site is:

Eve and George gave me the most gorgeous examples of fossilized ferns imprinted into deep blue rock.

Fossils are believed to have magickal properties that ward off negativity. What better way to keep the baddies away than by wearing a fossil as a talisman?

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Jewelry house calls are something that can be more than just a glorified Tupperware party.

My jewelry house calls are about engaging the group, creating a workshop atmosphere without the monotone lecture.

How fun is it when I bring over a project to do and we got a bunch of adults and kids sitting round together learning how to create their own handmade works of art??

When I do a jewelry house call, I make sure that each person works on a piece that fits their personality – handmade jewelry is all about being unique, human, and YOU.

Now, as most of you may have noticed, I’m Wiccan and proud. Many pieces of mine either contain Wiccan/Pagan imagery or can be used for Wiccan/Pagan needs such as talismans.

How many times have you been asked, “um, that star thing – that’s the sign I’d the devil! Are you a satan worshipper??”

Imagine that question coming up at a jewelry house call – awkward doesn’t even begin to describe the vibe….

I have to calmly explain that the star represents the elements. The triple moon represents the three phases of the goddess.

Once you get into the feminine empowerment aspects of the goddess, it usually paves the way for their acceptance, understanding’ and either a ‘tell me more’ or ‘ok, understood, let’s make that woven pentagram necklace now.”

Now you probably think this blog is all over the map and disjointed but I really can connect the fossils, the house calls, and the education pieces together, I swear!

The introduction of these fantastic new materials, fossils, has given me an entirely new medium to explore, to share with my house calls/workshops, and to help others understand the potential and beauty of natural materials in art.

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