Shit People Say to Me in the Vendors Room Vol VI

As promised, this post is going to be positive! And there’s no way it could be anything but after you read on!

Last year, I vended at MinnCon and had a very unsettling experience.  It was a clash of the roommates that resulted in hurtful words, physical exhaustion, and basically a weekend that for the past year left me feeling nothing but anxiety about returning to MinnCon this year.

Wait – how in FUCK is this positive?  Well, wait until y’all read on!

A woman approached my table this weekend.  A very familiar face – this woman is the mother of the roommate from last year.

She calmly asked me if I remembered who she was.  How could I forget?  She then, also very calmly asked me if I wanted to tell her what happened.

I invited her behind my table, pulled up a couple of chairs for us, and I explained what had happened that led up to ultimately, my head exploding.

Having heard both sides of the story at this point, we agreed that this should’ve been resolved last year when it initially happened, and that there were factors out of our control that neither of us were aware of, that prevented us from having this conversation when it should have happened.

We parted as friends.

She returned shortly thereafter with her daughter, who was visibly upset and nervous about approaching me – which broke my heart.

I explained that both she and I behaved badly, that it was over a year ago, and that nothing else matters but now.  And I was willing to let the past float away and accept her olive branch.
We hugged and can I tell y’all – NOTHING feels better than letting the pains of the past go.  I am now honored to have 2 new friends in my life that I’d never have if it weren’t for Supernatural and I feel like the wealthiest woman on the planet for it.

It reminded me of the Season 11 episode, Plush.  Towards the end of the episode, Sheriff Donna finally comes to an understanding about Officer Doug when he says, “Really. I got baggage, too, Donna. Everyone does.”

I believe that really applies to this situation with my new friends, so I gave her Officer Doug’s Sentiment, which was inspired by that  moment in Plush.


Officer Doug’s Sentiment – which is RETIRED!! Only 2 left before it’s gone forever! Brendan Taylor (Officer Doug) even has one!

In addition to this heartwarming experience, I wanted to put out there that without the help of a beautiful woman by the name of Michy (what I call her!) aka Michelene Russel, I wouldn’t have been able to function.
Michy survived “Eldwenne’s, Clifhangers, and SPNFanMovie tables 101” training so that I could fangirl a bit this weekend at the Star Trek con! I need to leave my table more often because I think Michy is a far better saleswoman!

I am in complete awe of her and how she just jumped in and helped me so incredibly much!

Michy is the brainchild behind “Samena” – yes, it’s what you think it is.  I know I don’t normally do shipping pieces.  But Michy is thoroughly convinced Sam/Rowena is a thing (even MORESO now that Ruth mentioned that Rowena needed a boytoy), so in Michy’s honor, I created ‘Samena’.


Both  Officer Doug and Samena are available now – Officer Doug is retiring and in very limited quantity!

Which brings me to my retiring pieces – yes, I’m continuing to retire several more pieces starting next week.  This is to make room for brand new designs that I’m very excited about, such as a series called “Bobby Singer’s Pantry”, a men’s line of pieces, more decorative bottles, and so much more!

Lastly, I’d like y’all to help out some of our fellow #SPNFamily members.

I established a Go Fund Me for the beautiful Kelcy of Passion Earth Collections so that she can sell her wares in person at DallasCon – her work is utterly gorgeous, made with meticulous care, and one of a kind.

There are Eldwenne’s Fantasy perks for donations of $50 and up!  If you can’t donate, sharing is caring!

The Whitaker family is a powerhouse of Destiny, Rayven, and their dad, Willie.  They are uber talented and give back so much to the community in the form of podcasts, performing musically, home schooling, and tons of positiveness.

Willie established a site: Willie Whitaker Wellness Info that enables you to read about his beautiful family as well as donate to help them sustain their business.  Like I said, if you can’t donate, sharing is caring!

And my dear friend, Shannon has begun a new journey into a beauty biz!  Please visit her on Facebook: her Younique shop has so much fun stuff going on!!  Help her realize her dream of having her own biz!!  And, yes, I’m gonna say it again – if you can’t purchase, sharing is caring!

NONE of these friends of mine would be in my life without Supernatural – I am so grateful to this show and to this #SPNFamily.

Love you all!


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