Creative Explosion, One Hit Wonders, and Mother’s Day is Nigh,

Creative Explosion

Wow, y’all!

Having a break between conventions has been an incredibly productive time for me!  The past two weeks have been nothing short of a creative explosion!

Thought I’d show y’all what I’ve been up to lately by highlighting some of my newest designs:

Rufus Turner’s Camaraderie:

This piece was on my hit list for a loooong time.  I love this character and Steven Williams built a very lovable character in Rufus!


Rufus Turner's Camaraderie



The Death of Death is a piece I was honored to design personally for Julian Richings at this past DCCon. He wore this in all of his karaoke photo ops!

Death of Death



Jofiel’s Hesitation is a piece inspired by Graeme Duffy, an actor I had the pleasure of interviewing this past Tuesday night on my livestream show So Get This

Jofiel's Hesitation


Matt’s Energy is a piece inspired by Matt Cohen and his ninja convention skills.  His energy is infectious!

Matt's Energy


Metatron’s Story is a piece that was inspired by Curtis Armstrong’s performance of Metatron

Metatron's Story


Sam’s Courage was inspired by my rewatch of Season 10 and his unerring bravery, facing all and doing anything he could to save his brother.

Sam's Courage


I tried to capture the effect of hands rising from the ground in my Lazarus Rising piece.

Lazarus Rising 1


Another addition to my Shattered Resolves series, Rowena.

Shattered Resolves Rowena


An iconic moment that I needed to immortalize – Dean’s Eye of the Tiger!

Dean's Eye of the Tiger


One Hit Wonders

And there have been several new One Hit Wonder additions as well!  One Hit Wonders are just that – pieces that I will only make one of, never to be recreated again, so if you own one, you’re the ONLY one on the planet with it!

Hear Me – inspired by Emily Swallow, of course!  Her battle cry captured in stone and silver.

Hear Me


Remember that scene in As Time Goes By?  “Who are you NOT calling?”

Who are You NOT Calling



Mother’s Day is Nigh

Mother’s Day is May 8!  If you’re thinking of ordering a special mama a gift from my shop, it needs to be placed no later than April 25 in order to ensure delivery before May 8.

Do you want to get 15% off? Use code SPNMAMA now, before it expires April 25, Sunday night at midnight!

Restrictions apply: can’t be used on gift certificates, fundraiser pieces, already discounted items, or bottles.


Wanna be a Newsletter Peep??

Do you know someone who should be getting this newsletter? Let them know all they need to do is email with “add me” in the subject line.

Even better, make sure they mention that you referred them, and you’ll get a special referral discount code, just for you!

Do you know about my Loyalty Program?

It’s for everyone (not just the fabulous newsletter peeps), and it’s super easy!

All you have to do is buy five pieces from me, and you’ll receive a sixth piece FREE! (up to a value of $50) I track all purchases made, and will email you when you can pick out your free piece. Cool, huh?

*Active as of 2/22/16. Not retroactive to previous pieces.
**Restrictions apply: Purchases made with gift certificates are not eligible for this offer. Free piece can’t be a gift certificate, fundraiser piece, or bottle.


Thanks y’all!!


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