Did You Know…

I have SO many things going on with my shop that I thought it would be a good idea to post it all here!

Did You Know…

  • Every time you make a purchase in my shop – each item is counted towards my Loyalty Program?  Once you’ve reached 5 items – you will receive a FREE piece of your choice worth $50 or less! This is 5 ITEMS, not events – so for example, if you make 1 purchase containing 5 items – you’ve earned your free piece!
  • You receive a 15% off discount code with every purchase that you can use towards your next purchase?
  • I have a Facebook page that is designed to help people who would like one of my pieces but can’t afford one! Eldwenne’s Fantasy SPNJewelry Matching Program – if you purchase something for someone, you will receive a one-time coupon code for 25% off as a thank you for your generosity!
  • My newsletter peeps always get a heads up on the sales I have going on, as well as special deals not available to the general public!  To subscribe, just email eldwenne@yahoo.com with ADD ME in the subject line and include your birthday!
  • I have a Birthday Club where I send you a free gift around the time of your birthday – but you have to be a newsletter subscriber to get in on the fun!
  • Every day I have a piece marked down in my SALE SALE SALE section of my shop! You’ll also find jewelry sets that I have permanently marked down here as well!
  • My fundraiser pieces are near and dear to my heart and are all approved by their respective charities: Random Acts, My Hope Chest, and Always Keep Fighting (benefits To Write Love on Her Arms)
  • I have pieces that are featured in short films! A piece I designed for an upcoming short film called ‘Valla’ (blue piece) and a piece I designed for the film ‘Homeowner’ – written by Natalie Kruijen, directed by Ryan Curtis, and starring the beautiful Briana Buckmaster! Replicas of these designs are available in My Designs in Movies section of my shop!VallaBriana HomeownerHomeowner


  • I do other fandoms!  I have tons of Star Wars Once Upon a Time The Walking Dead and The X-Files designs!
  • I have non-Fandom pieces in my  Gallery Pieces and More! section! Many of these pieces have been on exhibit in galleries!
  • I have a special series that I’m in love with called Constellation Jewelry where I recreate the heavens!
  • You can buy gift certificates for my shop!  You can buy them in denominations of $10, $20, $40, $50, or for a custom amount of your choice!
  • I do custom orders – please note that the way I work, I come up with a title and create the design around that title.  The title is the inspiration for the piece, so the title has to come from me as well as the design.  My best work comes from within myself – you tell me a character or episode or even a non-fandom piece you’d like, and I will do all the design work – that way you are guaranteed my best and you will have a truly unique piece!

So that’s what I have going on at the moment – whew!  But, as my friends who know me well will tell you – my mind is constantly racing and coming up with new ideas, so watch this space for updates!


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