Highlighting My Charity Pieces

One of the things I love most of all about my #SPNFamily is how giving and compassionate y’all are. I am very honored to be able to contribute my part and have been approved to do work for several organizations … Continue reading

Shit People Say to Me in the Vendor’s Room

I absolutely love meeting people at the Supernatural conventions – it’s the highlight of working at them. I get to know you better, you ask me about my process, my inspirations, I get to learn what you like and you … Continue reading

Passion for Houston, Awesome New SPN Characters, and Goodies for 2016


Three years ago I was looking at starting my dream of making my jewelry designs my career.  Starting my business from the ground up.

While I still have a way to go to get my business where it needs to be in order for it to be stable, I’m finally able to do this full time.  Who do I have to thank? Every single one of you who have been there for me, who believed in me, and even if you couldn’t buy something, you always told me how much you wanted to.

Kelcy Yount is a woman who is driven.  She knows exactly what she wants for Passion Earth Collections and breathes, eats, sleeps it every single day.  I want Kelcy, a lovely member of our SPNFamily to achieve her goal of growing her business so she can support herself and her beautiful family consisting of her husband and her son, Ethan.

The final leap of faith is happening and Kelcy needs our support to get her business underway.  The first thing she needs to do is get to Houston Con to help her establish a solid customer base.

You can help her get there by donating to her GoFundMe campaign – I’m donating the perks!

If you donate $10 you get a free Supernatural keyring from me!

If you donate $25 you’ll get a free stamped piece from me!

If you donate $50 you’ll be a guest on my Supernatural-themed livestream show So Get This!!

If you’re unable to donate, you can always share Go Fund Me Campaign

You can also see Kelcy’s work here in her Passion Earth shop


All items pictured (except Hocus Pocus) are available now in my etsy shop

‘Into the Mystic’ was such a great episode for several reasons.  One that blew my and my daughter Raven’s minds was the character Eileen, portrayed by Shoshannah Stern.

Eileen is a hunter who is hearing impaired.  As most of y’all know, Raven was born deaf and has cochlear implants.  When Raven saw Eileen and realized she was also deaf, she and I were so excited and grateful to the Supernatural team for creating this amazing hero.

Not only is Eileen a hunter, but she’s a grounded person who is true to herself.  She inspired me to create a piece called “Eileen’s Focus”


Another character I was so excited to see was Mildred, portrayed by the perfection that is Dee Wallace.

I strongly believe that her character was based on her own personality, thrumming with positivity and sage advice.  Mildred inspired this piece called, “Mildred’s Sunset”


2016 – Making it My Bitch!

Yes, that’s my motto for 2016 – “Make 2016 Your Bitch!” (because I’m classy like that)

2016 is going to be chock-ful of branching into new and undiscovered territory for me.

I’m starting to get my pieces into films, which I am very pleased about.  I currently have a piece in the upcoming short film ‘Homeowner’ -written by Natalie Kruijen, directed by Ryan Curtis, and starring Briana Buckmaster!

Briana Homeowner

I was personally asked by the Hillywood Sisters to replicate Bette Midler’s character Winifred’s jewelry for their Hocus Pocus parody:

Hocus Pocus 2

And lots of stuff in store for my weekly livestream show So Get This!  I’ve got several major kick ass guests I’m working on scheduling (they’ve committed to doing the show, but I can’t announce them until we’ve got a date booked!), as well as an epic idea I have to credit to my husband, Merrill.

We were talking about how much fun the interview I had with Justin Daube was (he’s the cosplayer I interviewed on So Get This while he was in character as Castiel and can be seen here: https://youtu.be/GZmYWf9k29Y) and Merrill said I should have other cosplayers on as well and interview them in character and hold contests!

Are you a serious cosplayer who can not only walk the walk but talk the talk?  Email me jodizulueta@gmail.com with SO GET THIS COSPLAY in the subject line. I  will contact you to schedule an audition we will do via google hangouts!

If you are selected to be interviewed on the show, you will be put into a contest after each of the interviews have aired to see who the viewers will choose as So Get This Cosplay Champion!
The winner will receive goodies to be announced at a future time!

Another thing I’ve been working on for 2016 is branching out into other fandoms such as The Walking Dead (which I’ve been doing for years  but not dedicating a lot of time to it), Once Upon a Time, and of course, Star Wars including the original trilogy and Star Wars the Force Awakens.

Within the coming week or so I will be debuting an X-Files line!  So stay tuned!


If you’d like to receive daily newsletters telling you what’s going on in Eldwenne’s Fantasy, send an email with ADD ME in the subject line.  You’ll get a 20% off coupon code that’s valid now through midnight tomorrow night, 1/31!  Restrictions apply so please read the rules posted in my shop announcement at the top of my etsy shop!

If you refer a friend to subscribe to my newsletter, make sure you tell them to include your name in the email so I can send you a special discount!

Eldwenne Book Submission Deadline!

I’m compiling a book of photos of y’all wearing my gear!  The submission deadline is 1/31 and you’ll be in fantastic company with the likes of Kim Rhodes, Briana Buckmaster, Ruth Connell, JARED PADALECKI AND JENSEN ACKLES, and MORE!

Email your photos to Eldwenne@Yahoo.com with Eldwenne Book in the subject line or tweet them to me @eldwenne with #eldwennebook

Thanks y’all!






ABQComicCon and Why Lisa Berry is a Goddess

Albuquerque ComicCon – the final frontier.  These are the voyages of Passion Earth Collections and Eldwenne’s Fantasy.  Seeking out new customers and new fangirling experiences. To boldly go where…oh you know where I’m going with this! Passion Earth Collections aka … Continue reading

So Much of the Things!!!!

I’ve got a lot to share with you guys!

First, I wanted to remind everyone that I have a brand-new coupon code in my shop, FREESHIPPING which will give you free shipping anywhere in the United States good through December 15,which will give you free shipping anywhere in the United States good through December 15.
This will include everything in my shop except for the following: fund raiser pieces (which I have a groovy new one to show you that I made in collaboration with the amazing Ruth Connell), gift certificates, and bottles.

I have a bunch of three new designs, including, A Very Supernatural Christmas. This is a special edition limited time design available now through 12/24/15:

Two pieces from my new Monsters Series:

The left is “The Djinn’s Illusion”, the right is “The Shapeshifter’s Metamorphosis “.

A new actor-inspired piece “Tahmoh’s Serenity”

A new character piece, “Officer Doug’s Sentiment “:

A new themed piece “Wayward Daughters Academy”:

And much more!

The new fundraiser piece is a piece Ruth Connell and are using to fundraise for My Hope Chest, an organization that provides funding for women who have had mastectomies and need reconstructive surgery.

I am donating 80% of the sales to My Hope Chest. For more on My Hope Chest, visit them here: My Hope Chest

In my YouTube Livestream show news, I’ve recently interviewed many amazing people including three special edition episodes where I interview Jennifer Copping (Sandra Phelan), Lauren Tom (Mama Tran), Samantha Smith (Mary Winchester) , Lindsey McKeon (Tessa the Reaper), Lisa Berry (Billie the Reaper) Katie Sarife (Marie) Emily Fonda (Ann Marie) and Cora Idle, chairperson of the Ladies of SPN Con.

Other recent interviews include a one on one with Emily Fonda, Brendan Taylor (Officer Doug), Kelcy of Passion Earth Collections (her work is beautiful, please check it out!) and Justin Daub, an actor who specializes in improv – I conducted the interview with him in character as Castiel.

If you want to see these videos, just subscribe to me at  So Get This Every week you’ll have the opportunity to ask the guests questions via chat live!

There’s always a giveaway too – either for an actual piece or for a gift certificate!

My jewelry is also making it to both the big screen and YouTube screen! Most recently in yesterday’s Hocus Pocus Parody done by the Hillywood Show! I made the set Winifred dons through the whole amazing production!

My jewelry will also be in Homeowner, a short film written by Natalie aka @weirdowhowrites and directed by Ryan Curtis.

I’ll also be interviewing Natalie and Ryan on next week’s episode of So Get This!

There’s also an upcoming short film, Valla, where my pieces will be featured!

Watch this space for details!

I’m also trying to get to the Albuquerque Comic Con in January – keep your fingers crossed! This will be the first non-SPN con for me ever!

Speaking of SPN Cons, I’ll be at EVERY con in 2016, I hope to see you there!

People who buy from me directly at cons get a special coupon for my online shop!

Additionally, it’s a great opportunity to give back – I always have raffles for a $50 gift certificate with 100% of the proceeds from the raffles donated in a 50-50 split between Random Acts and Homeboy Industries!

And don’t forget my ongoing fundraiser for the Always Keep Fighting campaign where 50% of the proceeds is donated to To Write Love on Her Arms:

I do custom stamping, customize anything and everything, and also offer a service where I design a piece specifically about YOU!

Just send me a convo in etsy at Eldwenne’s Fantasy where I have everything shown here and more and I’ll create for you!

I love my SPN Family and I appreciate all that you do, your love and support!

SPN Family Feature: Erin and an Epic Oscar-Worthy Thank You Speech from Me to You

Erin is best known as @SPNCrossroad across social media like Twitter, where I first met this woman who inspires me to greatness. Her story demonstrates yet another soul who embodies the SPN Family culture; caring, selflessness, charitableness, and a genuine compassionate need to do for others.

Without further do, I give you Erin!

Erin's Avatar of Awesomeness

Erin’s Avatar of Awesomeness

Thank you, Jodi, for this opportunity to share my story.

Hi, I’m Erin (Hi, Erin) And I am an addict. #Supernatural (for Robbie)

Four years ago, my 3 children & I settled into our very own home. I had gotten a great private-contracting job for more $$ than I’ve ever earned, so we were able to live comfortably and peacefully, just the 4 of us, for the first time ever.  Then 4 1/2 months later, I fell ill… deathly ill.  Dozens of tests and tons o’doctors later, I resigned myself to the fact that I wasn’t going to be around much longer.

December 2012: I found the first 6 seasons of Supernatural cheap. BOOM!! Something new to watch!!  I binge watched, fell in love, then started a tumblr & twitter to fangirl with others at the beginning of March 2013. (Jodi here: just needed to say that must’ve been a magical time because it was around early  2013 that I became a Supernatural fan as well!)

A week later, Doc found a tumor. Another month later I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Metastatic Papillary Thyroid Cancer. With 2 surgeries & radioactive iodine, I was “cured” by August, but still wasn’t improving. My #SPNFamily was there to support & encourage me through all of it.

Fast forward to just a month ago.  The doctors finally figured out what was wrong.  My gallbladder was deteriorating, so it was finally removed after 3 1/2 yrs of sufferingl!!  It’s taking me a while to bounce back, but I’m a survivor.

I want to give back to all the wonderful people who have been there every step of the way.  On my 40th Birthday, May 31, 2014, I will be launching the #SPNFamily Roadhouse Project.

I am selling my house and procuring a bus to use in bringing the #SPNFamily to Conventions and other Supernatural Fan Events!!  This project will be completely run on donations.  I hope to raise enough money to be able to buy tickets for and transport our family members who can not go to cons because of health complications or financial need.

I run many fansites across all social media, so you can probably find me everywhere, especially if you Google me.

Jodi here again: I wanted to point out Erin’s FABULOUS creative cursor usage.  For example, supernaturalcrossroad.tumblr.com uses a regal pair of wings.  Supernatural-crossroad.tumblr.com uses a badass impala.  Jared-padalecki-makes-me-happy.tumblr.com uses a moose.

This is not a comprehensive list of Erin’s awesomeness.  Please contact her on twitter @SPNCrossroads and she will be able to give you links to her other works!

PLEASE follow her amazing effort, The SPNFamily Roadhouse Project on Twitter with hashtag #SPNFamilyRoadhouse 







Supernaturalcrossroad.com is still under construction

SPN Crossroads Tumblr

Jodi: What are other creative outlets you have?

I’m a graphic and interior designer and I’ve remodeled many homes. Most of my creative outlet since falling ill has been building websites and stocking them with the best of Supernatural.

Jodi: What draws you to handmade jewelry as opposed to store-bought, factory manufactured pieces?

Working with my hands I can completely appreciate the hard work and love and pride that goes into building something yourself.
Jodi: What types of pieces stand out to you, for example, wire work, crystals, etc. and why?

I like silver.  Medieval pieces. Intricate patterns.  Unique styles. Anything fit for a Queen!! 😉
Jodi: Is there something specific about Eldwenne’s Fantasy – Quality Handmade Jewelry by Jodi Zulueta that stands out to you? (Don’t be afraid to say no, Lol!)

YES!!  Each piece is gorgeous and so lovingly fashioned and creatively named!! But the stand out aspect is you, Jodi!!  We hit it off right from the start and you’ve been so sweet and generous to my daughter and me.  The fact that you messaged me while on a plane still makes me smile.  Love ya, Girlie, and can’t wait to see ya at a Con!! ❤ ~Erin Jodi here: We are two peas in a pod, m’lady!! Looking forward to seeing YOU!!

Jodi: I’m back. THANK YOU to Erin for an amazing, inspiring post.  Please follow @tuestwopodcast as Erin will be on the 7th episode airing next week where she will talk more about her Roadhouse Project!!!

Erin truly embodies what SPN Family is.  Here is a woman who has gone through so much and is channeling her energies into making dreams realities for others.

I’m beyond proud and honored to be considered a friend of Erin’s.  Please find it in your heart to help get the Roadhouse Project its due.  If you can’t donate, share, spread the word.  You’ll be helping her help others, in true SPN Family fashion.

Shifting gears a little, I’m writing this post from the home of my aunt Elysse in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  I’m on a weekend break from my first week of being with my TFA Greater Nashville Corps members over at Lipscomb University, where I will be living through mid-July.

I will then be staying with my aunt through July 18, then back home to New Jersey. I’ll be helping finalize moving my family back here, to our new home state of Tennessee.

This has been a journey filled with challenges I’ve never faced before; a husband falling ill and being unable to help him, losing my job and being unemployed for the first time in my life, finding out who my real friends and family are, dealing with severe bullying of my son, building my jewelry business up online and in the Supernatural convention circuit, taking Praxis exams that made me want to give up on ever becoming a teacher, desperately trying to get hired by the Metro Nashville Public School system, and coordinating a multi-state move consisting of a husband, three kids, and two cats.

The past week of being with Teach for America has really been life-changing for me.

Remember the hiring fair I went to in April that ended up with zilch? I had strike two this past Thursday at another hiring fair.

On Thursday night, one of the TFA staff members, Katie, asked me if I would consider going on an interview with Dr. Dunaway at a middle school for a 7th grade special education position.  Sure, why not.

I did the interview and went back to Lipscomb University so I could finish the rest of my day of training.  About an hour after I arrived at Lipscomb, Katie came over to me and asked me how everything went.

“It went great.  Like the 13 other interviews I did but never heard back on.”

“Ok, that’s great because Dr. Dunaway recommended you for hire.”

I am now going to be a special education teacher for 7th grade at Two Rivers Middle School in Nashville, Tennessee.  This is one of my proudest achievements and I can’t even articulate how I feel at this moment – too excited for words!

Next on the agenda – finding a place for us all to live!!!  We’re looking to live in Murfreesboro so if ya’ll got a place to rent, LET ME KNOW!!

And the Oscar goes to....ALL OF YOU!!!!

And the Oscar goes to….ALL OF YOU!!!!

So I warned you in the title of this post that there was going to be an Oscar-worthy epic thank you speech.  I know I’m going to forget some people. Please know it’s not intentional or a reflection of how I feel – I’m overwhelmed with a million things and I’m doing my best to ensure everyone understands how they are appreciated – I can’t thank everyone enough!!! This list is in no specific order and also in no way encompasses/articulates my full gratitude.

Merrill: my husband, my staunch supporter.  I wouldn’t have been able to do ANY of these things without your support

David: my oldest son, my voice of reason and the one who talked me off of many ledges

Vi: David’s girlfriend and the most beautiful woman on the planet, inside and out

Jaden: your spirit, your trust in me always keeps me going

Phoenix: your laughter is light and you ALWAYS make me smile

Raven: your pure inner and outer beauty and inquisitive soul ground me

Dad: for letting go when I know how hard this is for you

Elysse and Bearl: you showed me love and put the spark in me to chase my dream to Tennessee, opened your home to me, and are always helping me in my journey

My cousins Alexis, Zane, Jaclyn, Leo, Berry, Kyle, Jenny, Lindsay, Dara, Leslie, Matt, Andrew, Daniel – all of you are the best friends I could ever ask for and I’m so lucky to have you in my life

Doree and Jeff: you always talk me through the moments of panic, the self-doubt, and always have heaps of love to help me through everything

Fran:  always giving me insight, great times, and being there for me.  Your realism is grounding.

My in-laws: Mom, Carlo, Diana, Maryanne, Joel, Christopher, Belle, Kenny, Robin, Billy, Noel, Cynthia, Tita Ida, Tita Lydia – you all are going to be why leaving Jersey City is going to be hard for us.  Please know we all love you and will do everything we can to see each other as often as humanly possible.

Lisa B – you are not only Raven’s audiologist, not only my friend, but family.  Thank you for being your amazing self.

Shannon – I’m convinced you and I were sisters or best friends in another life.  You’re always there for me, you always give amazing advice, and I love you for it.  And Callum is the most delicious baby.

Julie Anne R.: You never stopped pushing me, reminding me that I need to stop living in fear and go after what makes me happy.  You’re a role model of the quintessential kick-ass business woman that I strive to be.

Kim R.: You hardly know me yet you championed for me like you were my partner in crime from my high school days (minus the underage drinking episodes).  I owe you a drink at the next con.

Robin Lyon – a customer that has become a lifelong friend

Mitch Kosterman – you kick ass with the amazing things you do for the fans and I’m honored that you spent the time to interview me.  Honored to be your friend.

Maki – being continents apart never made our friendship weak – I love you for that

Chris Schmelke – you’re a and one of the kindest people I know

Rachel, Kendra, Kim C, Suzanne V: Holy fuckshit, ladies!! Ya’ll put up with me for YEARS.  Never stopped believing in me. We soooo need a PCA get together!!

Ruthee – my big sister.  Insightful, encouraging, and writes the most incredible emails that make me feel like we’re having coffee together.  Love you.

Ana Marie – the soul who is always there for me with encouragement, a pic of Winston to make me laugh, and advice to get me through the stress at all hours of the night – I always can count on you, baby

Kat – my partner, the writer extraordinaire – you’re so patiently waiting for me to get my life in order so that we can work on greatness together – thank you and I promise I’m almost there now J Love you.

Chad Lindberg – you made the time to support my jewelry and that means the world to me

Leticia Serafin – if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t be where I am with my jewelry on the convention circuit – I’ll see ya in VanCon!!

Kae Winters- for being a role model for what we need to strive to be as human beings and always do random acts of kindness

Abby Levine – always posts encouraging words on my work and is a creative powerhouse

Judy, Adina, Melstiel, Ally, Jenna, Bonnie, Carrie Anderson, Carrie Oakes, Jenn Geraghty, Kelly, Lorraine – do I NEED to spell out all of the kick-ass support you give me on a daily basis??  Of course I do!  You ladies inspire me to do my best every single day. You constantly encourage me and it’s why I’m continuing with my jewelry business and selling at the cons – LOVE YOU!!!

Trina, Kim M, and all of my amazing people that I talk to on FB – You are all freaking incredible and you need to recognize your awesomeness! THANK YOU!!

Merillat for being a shoulder to cry on when the Hiring Fair bummed me out

Dominque for driving me to the interview that changed my life as well as listening to my neuroses the whole ride there and back

Mary Ann Sayson – I always look forward to your uplifting posts and sweetness on FB.  You’re angelic.

Anie – You rock more than you can ever imagine.  You encourage me to keep going and that’s exactly what I’m-a-gonna-do.  I’ll see you in VanCon, baby!

Katie and Bella – best VanCon roomies and now friends!  You showed me that I can have a great time once the vendor’s room is closed for the day and you never made me feel old enough to be your mother.  And I am old enough to be your mother.

My new TFA friends Erica, Nichole, Lisa, Jen, Misty, Awa…We’re all in this together and we can rock this!

I know there are so many other people that I forgot to mention and I apologize profusely.  Please know that I appreciate everyone and that there is no way I could be doing what I’m doing now without you. I am overwhelmed in the most amazing way.

Ok, the fat lady is singing, so we move on…next week I will be featuring a beautiful artist who specializes in making leather bracelets!  I can’t wait to share that with ya’ll!!
And don’t forget that I’m having a major-ass sale on Castiel’s Grace set and The Tenacity of Dean Winchester set!!  You can get each set for $120 each!  The sets are normally $131 each, so grab ‘em up before midnight, June 15 when the prices go back up!

Castiel's Grace set is currently on sale for $120!

Castiel’s Grace set is currently on sale for $120!


The Tenacity of Dean Winchester set is currently on sale for $120!!

The Tenacity of Dean Winchester set is currently on sale for $120!!




Until next week!!

Customer Feature: Kelly W and Two Weeks to Nashville!

Jodi: This week’s post is a feature on the lovely Kelly W of Milton Keynes, UK!  Kelly had contacted me recently asking for specific custom pieces and I was so thrilled to work with her on her items!  

Kelly – the floor is yours, baby!

The beautiful Kelly rocking her Eldwenne's Fantasy gear!

The beautiful Kelly rocking her Eldwenne’s Fantasy gear!

First off, my name is Kelly Winafred Work, I am a mum of 1 little boy named Marc who will be 5 in July. I have been with my other half Darren for 8 years now we have a cat called Scarlet.


Kelly's son, Marc and her other half, Darren

Kelly’s son, Marc and her other half, Darren

Kelly's kitty Scarlet - who looks like my kitty Molly's doppleganger!

Kelly’s kitty Scarlet – who looks like my kitty Molly’s doppleganger!

Molly aka the US Scarlet

Molly aka the US Scarlet

I don’t work as I’m a full time mum home schooling my son (Jodi here – um, THAT’S WORK, Kelly!  Hats off to ya!)

We live in Milton Keynes, UK. My favorite sayings in life have always been, “live life to the fullest” and “a smile will always brighten someone’s day.”

As you can probably tell by those sayings, I’m a very bubbly and friendly kind of person and always enjoy meeting new people, let it be online or in everyday life 🙂

I’m a MASSIVE supernatural fan and some day dream to meet the cast. I would also love to one day travel the world bit by bit. I’ve already traveled to some places: Africa, Florida, USA, Turkey, Spain and Ibiza.

I don’t class myself as having a creative outlet, but I do love doing arts and crafts with my son.  We do things like animals from pom poms or flowers out of tissue paper and baking cakes to decorate 🙂 (Jodi here again – CREATIVE ALERT, WOMAN! GREAT STUFF!!)

Awesome tissue paper flowers made by Kelly and her son Marc!

Awesome tissue paper flowers made by Kelly and her son Marc!


I blew my diet just looking at this pic - it all looks AMAZING, Kelly!!!

I blew my diet just looking at this pic – it all looks AMAZING, Kelly!!! Very creative  – and I love the Moose!!

I prefer handmade jewelry most because it’s more personal, made with care and unique. Plus I’ve always preferred to help out small business than to spend money in a shop that doesn’t need it or care if they get it or not.

The kind of pieces I enjoy when it comes to jewelry is gems and stones and anything shiny (swear I was a magpie in my past life).  I prefer silver to gold as I feel gold always looks dull and fake but silver always looks new and shiny.

I like wire work as long as it’s done right there are some jewelry I have seen in the past with wire work on and it just looks out of place or like it was rushed or just added for no reason

I have to say when I found Eldwenne’s Fantasy Quality Handmade Jewelry by Jodi Zulueta I fell in love straight away.

I was looking at Supernatural jewelry online and came across etsy. When I looked on there a few people’s shops come up, but I saw a piece in Eldwenne’s and went to that one and I couldn’t stop looking!

As soon as my birthday came around and my other half asked what I wanted, I knew straight away.  The hard part was to pick what I wanted most, lol! I’ve always wanted a salt ‘n burn necklace but could never find one design I liked. So when I sent Jodi all the pictures of the ones I liked,  I left her to design it and somehow she knew exactly what I was after.  It was PERFECT –my dream necklace and I love showing it off everywhere I go!!!!  Jewelry from Eldwenne’s Fantasy is made with love and care and every bit in its own way personal to each person.

A salt 'n burn necklace with a pentagram, an angel wing, a pistol, and a handstamped Salt n Burn charm! Kelly's ready to face everything from vengeful spirits to demons!

A salt ‘n burn necklace with a pentagram, an angel wing, a vial of salt, a pistol, and a handstamped Salt & Burn charm! Kelly’s ready to face everything from vengeful spirits to demons!

And most of all, it’s all done in a friendly way. Jodi spoke to me and kept me updated every step of the way.  It was not a case of ‘yeah, thanks for your money, you’ll get it when you get it…’  I felt nothing but safe buying from Eldwenne’s.

Jodi again – WOW, thank you so much, Kelly!!  You rock!!  And I must say your little one and other half make a lovely family!  So proud to have my pieces in such good company!

Kelly brought up some things that I take to heart – one of the most important elements of my work is that it’s personal.  Each piece I make is not only made exactly for you, but the buying experience itself is always personalized as well.

Every time someone purchases something from www.eldwenne.etsy.com, I contact the buyer to thank them, ensure I know proper sizing if they’ve not already indicated, and to let them know there’s a human being behind every piece.

When you receive your order, you get a handwritten thank you from me as well.

It’s that personal touch that I’m also going to be applying to my new upcoming career – teaching.  I’m putting it out there right now – I am NEVER stopping my jewelry business.  I will continue Eldwenne’s Fantasy both online and at Salute to Supernatural conventions!

In two weeks I’ll be in Nashville to begin my training with Teach for America.  It’s going to be hard for many reasons; it’s a rigorous program, and I’ll be away from my family from June 1 through July 18.  Forty-eight days.  Then I come back to New Jersey, round up the troops and we move down to Tennessee permanently.

On May 23, we are rounding up a group of our friends and family for a “Farewell New Jersey” party – we are going to venture into New York City (which counts as a farewell to New Jersey-trust me on this), watch the brand spanking new X-Men movie, then venture back into New Jersey and grab a bite.  Going out in true geek fashion.

If you can be in the metro area on May 23 to catch a 7pm showing, please contact me so you can join us!  It’ll be a blast!

And now I leave you with the newest additions to the Supernatural Inspired Necklace Series: The Strength of Jody Mills and The Duplicity of Gabriel!

The Strength of Jody Mills

The Strength of Jody Mills – Sam and Dean Winchester are lucky to have her!


The Duplicity of Gabriel

The Duplicity of Gabriel – you never know who you’re dealing with!


DCCon: The Jewelry, the Angel, and the Wormstaches

DCCon.  Far from the final frontier, but these are the voyages of Jodi and her son, Jaden.  It all started out on a Thursday morning on Amtrak, trekking it down from Jersey to DC.

Don't let this pic fool you - he was excited as hell to be going to DCCon

Don’t let this pic fool you – he was excited as hell to be going to DCCon

This trip to DCCon was not only another leg of my traveling jewelry tour, it was a chance to try to give my son, Jaden a decent memory from 2014.

Jaden went through quite a lot from 2013 up until recently. He was bullied all throughout last year of school.  We were not aware of exactly what was happening, but we knew something was wrong.  Finally, during the summer, we were able to figure it out – another child was brutally bullying Jaden.  Psychologically.  This kid had Jaden terrorized and afraid to speak up for himself.

Long story short, we pressed charges, the bully got what amounted to a slap on the wrist, but the act of standing up to this bully really empowered him.

But it wasn’t enough. Jaden has spent the past school year guarded, defensive, suspicious, and hurt. He was withdrawn.  We basically lost the outgoing, chatty, vibrant young man we once knew.

I thought taking him to DCCon would be a welcome distraction for him, especially because he truly loves Supernatural, devours the novels, and finds a welcome escape watching the episodes.

Upon arrival in DC, we rushed to our hotel.  Unfortunately we were staying in the spillover hotel, not the actual event hotel, but it wasn’t far away.

We settled in, unpacked, ate, and then went to the Con to start setting up Eldwenne’s Fantasy and Clifhangers tables.

Thursday was a loooong day for us and by the time the vendor room closed for the night it was after 10:45pm – we had been on the go since 3am!

Friday was going to be a cinch – the vendor’s room was going to be open from 9:30 – 6:30.  Not bad.

When I did VegasCon, I had a raffle to vote for your fave – Crowley vs. Abaddon.  It was wildly successful and the fans had a blast voting for their favorite. Will there be a King of Hell or a Queen of Hell?  The fans chose Crowley (as did Supernatural, as per this past episode!)
I wanted to give the fans some more fun so I held a raffle to win the companion bracelet to Castiel’s Grace necklace:

The companion bracelet to my original necklace design: Castiel's Grace!

The companion bracelet to my original necklace design: Castiel’s Grace!


In addition to trying to win the bracelet, it was also a chance to vote for your favorite version of Cas – Angel or Human!

Most importantly – half of the proceeds from the raffle were donated to Random Acts of Kindness! Everyone wins!

A chance to win my bracelet, vote for your fave version of Cas, and donate to Random Acts of Kindness!

A chance to win my bracelet, vote for your fave version of Cas, and donate to Random Acts of Kindness!


What were the results?  You’ll find out at the end of this post!

So what makes Fridays special at any Salute to Supernatural Con?  KARAOKE PARTY!!!  Jaden was up to going.  So we went.  And oh.  My.  GOD!  This event really solidified to me how wonderful Supernatural fans are.

I can’t count how many lovely people saw Jaden and me and shooed us up to the front of the crowd so that he could see.  We didn’t ask anyone, we didn’t complain, people just went out of their way to give Jaden an amazing experience.  I cannot thank all of you enough for that!  It really epitomizes the generous and giving spirit Supernatural fans have.  I’m so proud to be a part of the SPN Family.

Here are some pics from the evening:

Matt Cohen channeling his inner Keanu

Matt Cohen channeling his inner Keanu


Richard Speight Jr - a man and his wig.

Richard Speight Jr – a man and his wig.


Osric - always a knight in shining armor

Osric – always a knight in shining armor


Father and son karaoke - the first time John and Henry Winchester are onstage together!

Father and son karaoke – the first time John and Henry Winchester are onstage together!


The beautiful Kim Rhodes rocking out on stage!

The beautiful Kim Rhodes rocking out on stage!


Some angel and prophet love - Sebastian Roche happy to see Rob Benedict!

Some angel and prophet love – Sebastian Roche happy to see Rob Benedict!


VERY lucky to snap this one of Dr. Badass himself - Chad Lindberg!

VERY lucky to snap this one of Dr. Badass himself – Chad Lindberg!


The Rock Goddess - Stephanie with Richard Speight Jr - if you haven't heard her rendition of "Time Warp" you have not lived!!

The Rock Goddess – Stephanie with Richard Speight Jr – if you haven’t heard her rendition of “Time Warp” you have not lived!! You also need to check out her frigging amazing band – Samurai Fish!


The true highlight of the evening for Jaden:

Jade getting to meet Rob Benedict at Karaoke.  Rob is AMAZING - thank you!!

Jade getting to meet Rob Benedict at Karaoke. Rob is AMAZING – thank you!!


We stayed until the lights went on – and the next day was going to be a long one for us in the vendor’s room – 11 hours!!  Jaden decided to ease into his morning:

Jaden - life after karaoke

Jaden – life after karaoke


Saturday is always the long day for us vendors – it’s usually an 11 hour day.  Jaden slept under the Clifhanger table for a bit, lol! Then he went off to some panels.

Saturday was the big day where a lot of people began to notice my Supernatural Inspired necklaces – it was quite an amazing reaction and I’m so pleased with how many of you came by to admire my work!

I always say that the biggest compliment I could ever receive is to see someone wearing a piece of mine.  I was floored for the entire weekend!!
ALL seventeen of my designs were snatched up by you guys – THANK YOU!!  It was such an amazing response to my work that I decided to mark down the necklace in my online shop: http://www.eldwenne.etsy.com – from now through midnight May 12, you can buy these necklaces at the same low prices I was offering at the convention!  You can get the following:

The Impetuousness of Balthazar

The Impetuousness of Balthazar


The Sacrifice of Mary WInchester

The Sacrifice of Mary WInchester


The Soul of Sam Winchester

The Soul of Sam Winchester


The Wisdom of Bobby Singer

The Wisdom of Bobby Singer


The Complexity of Meg Masters

The Complexity of Meg Masters


The Fire of Abaddon

The Fire of Abaddon


The Genius of Charlie Bradbury

The Genius of Charlie Bradbury


The Loyalty of Benny LaFitte

The Loyalty of Benny LaFitte


The Heart of Castiel II

The Heart of Castiel II


The Purification of Sam Winchester

The Purification of Sam Winchester


The Tenacity of Dean Winchester

The Tenacity of Dean Winchester


The Deception of Crowley

The Deception of Crowley


Castiel’s Grace is still the all-time favorite!

Castiel's Grace

Castiel’s Grace


For the Love of Supernatural

For the Love of Supernatural


The Integrity of Dean Winchester

The Integrity of Dean Winchester


The Legacy of Henry Winchester

The Legacy of Henry Winchester


We Are All Team Free Will

We Are All Team Free Will


ALL of these pieces are currently at their low convention prices at http://www.eldwenne.etsy.com


If you happened to buy a piece from me at the convention – send me a pic!! I’d love to feature you – like these beautiful ladies!

Sporting some Dean earrings!

Sporting some Dean earrings!


Wearing The Impetuousness of Balthazar!

Wearing The Impetuousness of Balthazar!


This young lady bought my pride and joy – The Winchester Family Tree necklace!

The Winchester Family Tree went to a good home!

The Winchester Family Tree went to a good home!


This cutie loved my Sacrifice of Mary Winchester necklace!

This cutie loved my Sacrifice of Mary Winchester necklace!


Some other amazing people strolled into the vendor’s room:


Dr. Badass!  Wearing his Dr. Badass bracelet I made him!

Dr. Badass! Wearing his Dr. Badass bracelet I made him!


Jaden was touched by an angel

Jaden was touched by an angel

This whole weekend was so incredible for both Jaden and me.  I finally saw Jaden smile for the first time in months.  And who put that smile there?  Not just the amazing cast of Supernatural, but YOU!  The fans treated him so well and restored his faith that there are genuine, good people out there!

Kim Rhodes was super amazing and tweeted this pic of her beautiful daughter wearing a necklace I made for her!

Kim Rhodes' daughter, wearing the necklace that matches the one I made for her mommy at VegasCon!

Kim Rhodes’ daughter, wearing the necklace that matches the one I made for her mommy at VegasCon!

So without further ado, I’d be remiss in not including my Wormstache Brigade!

Wormstache 1 Wormstache 2 Wormstache 3 Wormstache 4 Wormstache 5

And I also want to highight some pretty frigging amazing cosplay by Mel!

Mel Abaddon Mel Angel

And lastly – the memories my son will have for a lifetime!

Jared and Jensen got Jade to smile!

Jared and Jensen got Jade to smile!


The results of the vote: Human Cas got 14% of the vote.  Angel Cas received a whopping 84%!

Thank you Creation, Kim Rhodes, Chad Lindberg, Gil McKinney, Rob Benedict, Osric Chau, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, and all of you amazing human beings who made DCCon the best experience for Jaden!

Remember to stop by online at http://www.eldwenne.etsy.com and come say hi to Clif at http://www.facebook.com/Clifhangers

The next few weeks will be intense as I prepare for a six week stint in Nashville, preparing for my Teach for America training.  Wish me luck and I’ll talk to ya’ll soon!

California Dreaming, The Supernatural Inspired Necklace Series is Growing, and DCCon!!

I’m writing this post to you from the home of my family out in Santa Monica, California. My daughter Raven and I came in to spend some time with my cousin.  It’s been an amazing time.  Great weather, lovely company, Disney, the Santa Monica Pier, visits with dear friends and a trip to Universal Studios coming up next week.

Raven enjoying Disney

Raven enjoying Disney

I’ll be back just in time to catch a flight down to Nashville to see more family and attend the Teach for America hiring fair – very exciting!

Then it’s back home for a few days and then OFF TO DCCon!  More about that later in this post…

I have to say that my Supernatural Inspired Necklace series exploded into much more than I thought it ever could be.

It all started out with me wanting to design pieces that captured the essence of Sam and Dean Winchester.  Oh, then there’s Cas, right?  And then wait, I want to do another Cas piece too.  And then what about the extended family like Bobby, Benny, Charlie…and bad guys need love too!  So of course you gotta represent Crowley, Abaddon, Meg…sigh…

So without further ado, here is a Supernatural Inspired Necklace Series 101 for ya’ll!

The Tenacity of Dean Winchester: A necklace to commemorate our hero, Dean Winchester and his never-ending need to do what’s best for everyone, risking his own life, and being ‘The Righteous Man”

The Tenacity of Dean Winchester

The Tenacity of Dean Winchester

The Purification of Sam Winchester: The end of Season 8 – Sam Winchester ready to sacrifice himself by curing Crowley; the third and final trial. Each trial purified Sam’s soul. The beautiful clear glass cabochon with magnification qualities represents his soul, the silver wire woven around it being the trials purifying him.

The Purification of Sam Winchester

The Purification of Sam Winchester

Castiel’s Grace: I wanted to create a piece that celebrated the essence of one of the most amazing characters in the Supernatural universe – Castiel.

Castiel's Grace

Castiel’s Grace

The Heart of Castiel II: I wish you could see this in person. It’s a stunning glass oval of sky blue with white and black inclusions swirling inside it.

The Heart of Castiel II

The Heart of Castiel II

The Loyalty of Benny LaFitte: Benny Lafitte was the one creature that managed to convince Dean Winchester that hunting was more than just about killing. Benny became almost like a brother, who ultimately gave his own life to save Sam Winchester.

The Loyalty of Benny LaFitte

The Loyalty of Benny LaFitte

The Genius of Charlie Bradbury: Charlie Bradbury has come to the rescue on several occasions for the boys – each time using her intelligence and wit.

The Genius of Charlie Bradbury

The Genius of Charlie Bradbury

The Deception of Crowley: A piece that hopefully Mark Sheppard would agree captures the personality of our favorite King of Hell!

The Deception of Crowley

The Deception of Crowley

The Fire of Abaddon: A necklace inspired by the hottest Knight of Hell! A red glass cabochon is wrapped in coils of woven silver, with a pentagram at its top.

The Fire of Abaddon

The Fire of Abaddon

The Complexity of Meg Masters: Meg Masters is quite a complicated character, isn’t she? A demon who is in love with an angel? Wow. A demon who went from making it her mission to destroy the Winchesters to sacrificing herself more than once to help them.

The Complexity of Meg Masters

The Complexity of Meg Masters

The Wisdom of Bobby Singer: Bobby Singer was always the go to guy for everything. Not just lore on whatever creature was being hunted at the moment, but for life in general.

The Wisdom of Bobby Singer

The Wisdom of Bobby Singer

The Soul of Sam Winchester: I wanted to capture the intricacies of Sam Winchester in this piece – an opalescent glass cabochon is framed in silver, which has been wrapped with silver beads

The Soul of Sam Winchester

The Soul of Sam Winchester

The Sacrifice of Mary Winchester: Mary Winchester is a woman of sacrifice. While she was alive she made a deal to save her soon to be husband, John Winchester. In death, she sacrificed her spirit to protect her sons, Sam and Dean. This piece was designed to capture the protectiveness, the maternal instinct, and the fierce love for John Winchester.

The Sacrifice of Mary WInchester

The Sacrifice of Mary WInchester

The Impetuousness of Balthazar: An angel who has authority issues but would drop everything to help Castiel, who in fact described Balthazar as ‘impetuous.’ Sebastian Roche brings such personality to our favorite bad boy angel.

The Impetuousness of Balthazar

The Impetuousness of Balthazar

Other pieces that are in development are: Kevin Tran, Henry Winchester, John Winchester, Jody Mills, Garth, Ellen, and Jo.

These are all currently for sale at Eldwenne’s Fantasy Supernatural Jewelry Section

And wait until you see the surprise piece I’m working on.  It’ll be ready in time for DCCon and I’ll unveil it there!

Sooo excited to be going to DCCon!  I’ll be bringing my eleven year old son, Jaden with me –it’s gonna be a total blast! Originally it was going to be the whole clan, but life gets in the way sometimes, so it’s just gonna be Jaden and me this time around.

And what kind of fun can you expect at my table at DCCon?  Well, for one thing – wormstaches, of course!

Osric Chau doin' the 'stache

Osric Chau doin’ the ‘stache at my table


Everyone's favorite Executive Producer - Jim Michaels doing the 'stache! Thanks, Jim!

Everyone’s favorite Executive Producer – Jim Michaels doing the ‘stache! Thanks, Jim!

And I’ll be having another great contest! This time you’ll have the chance to participate in a raffle for a chance to win the companion bracelet to my Castiel’s Grace necklace!

The companion bracelet to my original necklace design: Castiel's Grace!

The companion bracelet to my original necklace design: Castiel’s Grace! You can win this AND donate to Random Acts at the same time!

In this raffle, vote for your favorite Cas – angel Cas or human Cas! It’ll be great and I’m trying to get Misha Collins in on the fun too!  I’ll be donating half the proceeds to Random Acts – it’s for a great cause!

Can’t wait to see ya’ll in DC!!  Come stop by and say hi!

Interview with Brittany of Legacy X!

Many of you may be wondering what I am doing with my posts recently.  Most of them have absolutely nothing to do with my jewelry. 

But in a way they do.  Because of my career traveling the Supernatural convention circuit selling my handmade jewelry, I’ve had the honor of meeting so many incredibly fascinating people whom I otherwise would have never known.

I feel compelled to share these people’s messages, to promote their businesses, to celebrate their amazing accomplishments.  I feel better as a person when I write about them.

I originally started doing customer features once a month to acknowledge my amazing customers and friends, however, I seem to be collecting many more customers and friends in my journeys.  Writing about them once a month doesn’t cut it and I wanted to create a connection between my work and providing a platform for these individuals to be heard. Which brings me to Brittany.


Brittany and me doing a selfie in VegasCon

Brittany and me doing a selfie in VegasCon


When I did VegasCon last month, I had a table next to me called Legacy X.  I met a group of amazing, determined, passionate women whose mission was to collect anti-bullying messages from the crowd. These messages were to be written on red paper and then used to recreate Legacy X’s logo in the desert.

It cost nothing to write, but each message’s value was priceless.

 Being the mother of an eleven year old boy who was traumatically bullied to the point where we had to press criminal charges, Legacy X’s message really hit home and I was drawn to its members to learn more about their organization and how we can each make a difference.

I met this absolutely beautiful young woman, Brittany, who has generously allowed me to interview her about her bullying experiences and how Legacy X has transformed her.


The beautiful Brittany Ritz!

The beautiful Brittany Ritz!

I’m Brittany Ritz. I am 17 years old and from Las Vegas, Nevada. My favorite colors are blue and red :).  I am part of an anti-Bullying group called Legacy X.

Why Brittany likes Blue

Why Brittany likes Blue


Why Brittany likes red!

Why Brittany likes red!

I am attending a private school because I was bullied a lot from 6th grade to 10th grade.  I went through so much; I’ve been spit on by girls and boys, they’d put gum in my hair, and boys would write ‘go kill yourself’ or ‘make a video of you hanging yourself!’

The bullying didn’t stop there. One time a couple of girls had jumped me and hurt me badly.


Brittany after the attack

Brittany after the attack – she used her images to help others.  One of a million reasons why I admire this woman.

They broke my teeth.  They cut my hair.  It affected me in many ways. I was feeling suicidal and depressed. I lost weight and then gained it back 2x more. It got to the point where if I died I didn’t care! But now I care about my life. I love my life so much and am grateful for my whole family and friends ❤

Because of all of this, I am now part of an organization called Legacy X. It’s a rebuild yourself program that was founded by Justin Spencer.  You may know Justin as the founder of Recycled Percussion from America’s Got Talent 🙂 Everyone is like family to me ❤

Brittany on the Teen X Team! She's up front and center with the organization's founder, Justin Spencer!

Brittany on the Teen X Team! She’s up front and center with the organization’s founder, Justin Spencer!

Brittany got the Vegas-based vocal group Mo5aic to create anti-bullying messages!

Brittany got the Vegas-based vocal group Mo5aic to create anti-bullying messages!

While I was with you in VegasCon, it really astounded me how many people actually said, “NO” when asked to write an anti-bullying message.  One person actually got extremely confrontational about it and the mother bear in me had to grab one of the Creation staff over the incident.

In this day and age where bullying is so much more in the public eye thanks to social media and the internet in general, one would think that most of us would have empathy.

But for every person that refused to leave a message, there were many others that did, including some familiar faces.

Kim Rhodes' message says it all: "Don't let

Kim Rhodes’ message says it all: “Your worth is infinite.  Let your heart define you.”

Kim Rhodes, actress and activist, left a very poignant message which reads, “Your worth is infinite. Let your heart define you.”

I shared this message with my son and as a result, he started to crack that hardened shell he built around himself.

Brittany refuses to let her bullies define who she is.  She has many facets to her sweet personality, including being an aspiring designer!

Jodi: Do you have creative outlets? Tell us about them and if you have photos of your work, please feel free to share!

I make lots of things from dresses and hair bows I do not have any photos but will soon 🙂

I’m making Brittany promise that to us so we can see her amazing work.  She described a lot of her designs to me while we were in Vegas and I have to say we are going to be in for quite a treat when she sends me those pics!!


Brittany, what kind of advice would you like to share with us?

If you see something, say something. Don’t allow your fellow peers to hurt someone! How would you like if it was your sister or brother? If you don’t like being picked on why pick on someone else ?! Because you never know what they are going through.  They might be suicidal.  So please if anyone is ever feeling down or upset you can email me or message me on Facebook  Brittanyritz@gmail.com

Brittany, I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to allow me to interview you.  Your message is a powerful one that resonates loud and clear with us all. Be good to yourself.  Help others to be good to themselves.  Help others to be good to others.  

And because of your hard work, Legacy X was able to fulfill its goal to create their logo in the desert!

They did it!

They did it!

You are a beautiful young woman and I look forward to seeing you again!

Please follow Legacy X on twitter @LegacyXonline and on FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/legacyx

And to everyone out there I hope to see you in DCCon next month! I’m working away on tons of new designs and you’ll have first pick of ’em there!  Until then, just keep checking my shop http://www.eldwenne.etsy.com for daily updates!