ABQComicCon and Why Lisa Berry is a Goddess

Albuquerque ComicCon – the final frontier.  These are the voyages of Passion Earth Collections and Eldwenne’s Fantasy.  Seeking out new customers and new fangirling experiences. To boldly go where…oh you know where I’m going with this!

Passion Earth Collections aka Kelcy and her father Phil, and I arrived at Albuquerque ComicCon on Thursday night, travel-worn but ready to take on New Mexico.

We set up a beautiful booth, Passion Earth Collections’ and Eldwenne’s Fantasy’s pieces complementing each other beautifully.

It was so insanely slow. By the end of Friday, we just couldn’t figure out what was going on.

Hell, on Saturday I thought Kelcy and Phil were going to bitch-slap me into the next state over because I was feeling lower than the gum stuck to the bottom of my Doc Martens. We all had a heart to heart and checked ourselves.

With attitude adjustments across the board, we tackled Sunday with gusto.

Well, long story short – we didn’t achieve our goals.  But not for lack of trying.  We worked our asses off and came in not where we wanted to be, unfortunately.

We still tried to think back to everything and figure out where we could’ve done something differently. Drawing blanks.

Tail between my legs, I head back to the airport.  I pull up my social media to start promoting my newest sale, and see a post by Lisa Berry, aka Billie the Reaper on Supernatural.

Lisa Berry wearing Billie's Warning.png

Lisa Berry wearing Billie’s Warning



Lisa is an actress, singer, supporter of the arts, and a motivator.

Her Instagram post:

Lisa Berry

Lisa’s timely Instagram post


When I read through the first line, “If you FAIL, never give up because F.A.I.L. means ‘First Attempt in Learning,’ I felt this tremendous weight lifted from my shoulders.

I immediately shared this post with Kelcy – the timing of this was uncanny.

The other quotes were extremely meaningful as well, and each of them reminded me of my own mantra for this new year: “MAKE 2016 YOUR BITCH!”

It’s very easy to slide down into self-loathing and pity when things don’t go as planned. But reading Lisa’s post reminded me that Kelcy and I are strong-willed, determined, hard-working women who kick ass and this weekend was not going to be the defining moment of our businesses.

So a huge thank you to Lisa for unknowingly helping us dust off the dirt, get back on our feet and start kicking ass again!

Passion Earth Collections is owned by Kelcy Yount.  Each piece is handmade, unique, made of all-natural materials such as antler, bone, and semi-precious stones.

Here are some of her masterpieces you’ll find in her etsy shop: Passion Earth Collections etsy shop as well as in Kelcy’s main shop:


And here are some of my newest designs, my Star Wars series which is available at Eldwenne’s Fantasy at a 10% discount now through January 14th with code STARWARS:


PS: This post was made possible by Kelcy Yount, her father/my convention father Phil, Ryan, Raf, Omar, Gil Gerard (yes, THAT Gil Gerard), Peter Mayhew (yes again, THAT Peter Mayhew), and Marky Fucking Ramone. (Yes…yeah, you get the idea).

And a very special thank you to Cody and Alfie for being our cheerleaders!  We love you!


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