My Featured Customer of the Month – Robin L.!!!!!

I know everyone is waiting for an insane update on my VanCon Experience – and while I’m getting that ready for you, I want you to show some love for my featured customer of the month and friend of mine, Robin!

Robin and I met while I was selling at a flea market in Bayonne, NJ.  This woman pulls up a chair to my table and her ever patient fiance, Jason, sits with us and gives feedback on which pieces Robin chooses.

It’s a hoot seeing these two together, they complement each other so well, and you can just tell they love each other so much.

They’re planning on being married in the summer of 2014 – I can’t wait!

Robin and Jason travel a lot and like to collect found objects as souvenirs.

One day at another flea market, Robin and Jason came by with TONS of sea shells, stones, corals, you name it.

Robin really knows what she wants; she’s very particular and sees potential in many things to have artistic qualities.

For example, here’s Robin wearing some of the pieces I created for her using her found items:


Robin’s here to tell us in her own words about herself

Hi, my name is Robin.  I graduated college back in 2007 with a BA in psychology, but I always enjoyed taking art classes for fun. I am engaged to a wonderful man that I have been with for 9 years.

I also enjoy making jewelry.  Back in college I used to take jewelry and ceramic classes.

I have always preferred handmade jewelry over store bought.  I don’t only enjoy handmade jewelry, but handmade anything, for example, in Pennsylvania in the Amish country where everything is handmade – I love that stuff. I love it because it has its own sense of quality you know;  time was put into the work that was done and it was done with care.


In that sense it seems to make the product of greater value. Plus, with factory pieces, so many are made of the same thing.

With handmade, every piece is uniqe in its own way.

The wire work seems to be my favorite medium because of how many different designs you can make just out of the wire, any which way you turn it.  It can turn into a whole different looking piece but with the same formula.


Just the care that is put into each piece you can tell that it was made by the heart, and a passion for the work.


Jodi here again – wow, thank you, Robin!  It’s people like Robin that keep me going – she has a genuine appreciation for the work it takes to make my pieces.  She’s a staunch supporter of my work – just recently she called me, so excited, because she was on the bus and saw someone wearing one of my pieces.  That is one of the greatest compliments I could hope for.

Not only having someone interested in my work, but EXCITED enough about it when they see others wearing my work as well!

Thank you, Robin, I am fortunate to not only have you as my spokeswoman, but as my friend.

As usual, I need to throw in a Supernatural reference – so I’m not even apologizing for that anymore because you’re probably reading my post for it, lol!

As you all know, I was in Vancouver this past weekend.  A FULL account of my weekend will be unleashed next Friday, I PROMISE.


I do have to say that it was an amazing experience.  Many of the actors and production crew of Supernatural are walking around with my jewelry – it was INCREDIBLE!

The Vancouver convention was financially JUST under what I needed to break even, but in terms of actual sales – well I kicked ASS! Unfortunately, traveling to the other side of North America ate into my profits. Had it been a local event, I would’ve been financially very successful.

I learned so much and have a much better understanding of my audience and how to travel smarter.

In order to keep up the momentum, I need to get to the Toronto convention in October.

Would you please consider donating to my Click Start Me campaign:

I need help garnering up the funds to cover my travel to Toronto – I have so many people expecting me there, it’s going to be a major success – if you share my link, please let me know so that I can give you a discount towards my jewelry! If you donate, you know the drill – I give you a gift certificate for your donation amount PLUS an additional $25 – THANK YOU FOR BELIEVING IN ME!!!