TorCon Preppin’, Off the Cuff, and Help!

I leave for Toronto this coming Thursday – I am STRESSED, lol!!

There are so many things I need to take care of before I go, including adding more new pieces.  I’ve got a-plenty new pieces that haven’t been seen yet, however, I NEED MORE!

I came up with a lot of new pieces that dared me to expand my horizons and experiment with materials I’ve never used before.  Like using ribbons:

Rich chocolate brown ribbon paired with waves of silver wrapped with goddess spirals, deep green and carnelian

Rich chocolate brown ribbon paired with waves of silver wrapped with goddess spirals, deep green and carnelian

I needed more supplies, so I went on a run for some.  And I fell in love.  With leather.  I saw it out of the corner of my eye.  It kind of crooked its finger at me, beckoning me to come forward.

I did.

It was a gorgeous leather strap that could be used to make a cuff bracelet.  Its skin was smooth, just begging to be stamped.  The potential it had – infinite.  Wire.  Cords.  Beads.  Plates.  It was too much, I had to touch it.

I picked it up and it said, “You like?”

“I like.”

“Take me home?”

I looked at the rack.  There were a ton more of them.  I scooped ALL of them into my basket.

I heard a muffled noise from the bottom of the basket – “Hey!  I thought we had something special!”

Now the guilt came crashing over me.  “It’s not metal.  It’s not wire.  It’s LEATHER.  HOW COULD I BETRAY MY PRECIOUS SILVER?!?”

Apologies ran through my brain on overdrive.

I went home and immediately set up to work.  I created a phenomenal “Hello Boys” stamped onto a silver plate and attached it to the band.

A bracelet even Crowley could love. Or spontaneously combust.

A bracelet even Crowley could love. Or spontaneously combust.

I then stamped the band with some gorgeous markings.  I LOVE the effect the stampings have on the leather!

I went on to create a bunch of new pieces, I hope I have the chance to show them to you in person at TorCon!!

Brotherly love, immortalized in leather and silver

Brotherly love, immortalized in leather and silver

TorCon is literally days away and I’m so super excited that I’ll be there to meet you in person!

I’m trying really hard to get out to the other conventions that are happening in December up through March 2014.  You can help me with my small business AND get some great perks out of the deal!

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I hope to see you at TorCon and if you are a blog reader of mine, mention that to me at the con – I have a special gift for you!!!

Thank you all!!


Goddess Spiral Inspiration and VanCon – ALMOST HERE!!!

The goddess spiral is a motif I use in many of my pieces, if you’ve noticed.  It’s a symbol that is used in so many different belief systems and cultures.

There is no one solid definition of its meaning because it is so ubiquitous.  Its meaning varies depending on the person.

It can represent the cycle of life or infinity or energy, I could go on forever.

When I design a piece using the goddess spiral, I use it as a representation of feminine energy.

The symbol radiates the warmth and power of the goddess to me.  I use it to infuse this energy into my jewelry.


Silver Hammered Goddess Spiral Ring


Goddess Spirals in Silver with Copper Bracelet


Goddess Spiral Ring in Copper


Goddess Spiral Wrap Ring


Goddess Spirals on Sea Glass Necklace

You can see many more pieces that were inspired by the goddess spiral in my shop at

But if you really want to get a GOOD look at these pieces, and many more, come see me at VANCON!

A week from today (or yesterday for gold pass patrons!), you will see me in the dealers room selling my handmade jewelry!

I’ve been working away with so many SPN-inspired pieces!  And I will be taking requests – I will custom make anything you are looking for, like the pieces I have here. I wanted to show some love for our favorite bad guy, Crowley:


His favorite greeting


His majesty, the King of Hell!


The catch-phrase to end all catch-phrases

You know what I’m really looking forward to more than anything at VanCon?  Meeting all of you!

I love spending time with everyone that visits my table.  I feel like my table is my home, and you’re walking into my home and sharing a part of me, I get to know you, and I truly feel enriched by everyone I meet.

It’s a blessing to be able to do this and meet you face to face.  I hope that your VanCon memories include me, as I know that my VanCon memories are going to be all about the fantastic people I’m going to meet – you!

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