My Featured Customer – Ana Marie S. and YOU Can Choose King or Queen of Hell!

Jodi here! Ana Marie and I met at VanCon last August.  She is quite an amazing woman who is talented, driven, and inspiring as all hell!  She shares my passion for giving time to charities, she’s an avid Supernatural fan and makes my jewelry sing when she wears it. 

Ana Marie and Her Hubby/Best Friend, J!

Ana Marie and Her Hubby/Best Friend, J!

Take it away, Ana!

Tell us a little bit about yourself, anything you’re comfortable sharing, family, work, philosophy, etc. also, if you have a website or brick and mortar business, please feel free to include that here!

What am I comfortable about sharing?  Hmm… I have been married to my best buddy since 2006 – we got married in Las Vegas by an Elvis impersonator (my idea).  That should give you a good idea about my personality.  My husband is a local musician and we met on the local music scene when I reviewed his band for an online music magazine that I wrote for at the time.  (They did a killer metal version of Billy Jean.)  We knew each other for about 2 years before we started dating, because when we met he had a girlfriend and I had a boyfriend.  But once we both figured out the other was single, we have been together since our first date.  It really is true, you always know when it’s the right person (you just make sense). 

I am a first generation Spanish-American and am bilingual.  I speak with an authentic Castilian accent and visit my family in Spain as often as I can.  I love Spain and it is my dream to retire there, so my hubby had better start learning to speak Spanish a little better than he does now (considering he has 20+ years to learn…) 

I am a big believer in volunteering.  When it comes to charity, I give them my time rather than my money.  I don’t have a spare $25 or $35 to donate, but I do have my free time that I can give – and I encourage anyone who reads this to give up some free time too.  Nothing is more rewarding.  I have volunteered for the Special Olympics, Wounded Warrior and Make-A-Wish.  It’s just something that makes my heart smile; there is no other way to put it.

The Lovely Couple - How Awesome are They??

The Lovely Couple – How Awesome are They??

Do you have creative outlets? Tell us about them and if you have photos of your work, please feel free to share!

 I actually do have some creative outlets.  I like to keep busy, so a lot of my creative outlets lend themselves to personal entertainment.  I make jewelry (easy beaded necklaces, earrings and bracelets) for gifts; I am a firm believer in handmade gifts when I have time to do it.  I crochet, not well but it helps me think and pass the time.  Sometimes I draw – I used to be pretty good, now I am just out of practice.  I enjoy it when I have the time and patience with myself to do it.

I also restore classic cars with my brother when we have time and money.  We have had a love affair with the Ford Mustang since both of us could walk (we have 3 in this household alone). My brother has a ’66 Mustang that we will be working on hopefully during the Fall.  He threw a rod, which is a perfect opportunity to revisit the original 289 block and see what we can coax out of it.  I have a ’68 Mustang; her name is Stella (it’s because she is throaty and sexy).  We took her apart and rebuilt her from 2008 through 2009, 13 months of Sundays – drinking beers and turning wrenches – it was a blast and I still work on her myself.  Right now we would love to find a nice ’64 Falcon and do some fun stuff to it, but I don’t think we can talk our spouses into the expense (well that and the garage space is limited at both our houses).

The Throaty Beauty - Stella

The Throaty and Sexy ‘Stang – Stella

Ana Marie is also an avid runner - here she is at the Color Run - a well-known 5K - one of the many things I admire about her!

Ana Marie is also an avid runner – here she is at the Color Run – a well-known 5K – one of the many things I admire about her!

 What draws you to handmade jewelry as opposed to store-bought, factory manufactured pieces?

Anyone can buy a ring or necklace at the big named stores that are machine made.  Jewelry making is an art.  I like to wear pieces that are one of a kind, that are unique and made with craftsmanship and care.  I want something that when I wear it I remember who made it, that I found it and it was special treat to me; not something to match an outfit that I wear maybe twice a year. 

 What types of pieces stand out to you, for example, wire work, crystals, etc. and why?

I am in love (and have been for years) with Celtic knot work jewelry.  For 12 years, I have worn a Celtic wheel cross made by a local artist.  I bought a similar piece for my husband for our first anniversary.  I am fascinated by the attention to detail the work requires and how simple it is – the beauty is in the simplicity of the work.  I think that carries over to what I like about jewelry period – something that is beautiful and simple.  It doesn’t have to have a big stone or be made of platinum, it has to be pretty and stand alone as being pretty. 

Is there something specific about Eldwenne’s Fantasy – Quality Handmade Jewelry by Jodi Zulueta that stands out to you? (Don’t be afraid to say no, Lol!)

I met Jodi at a Supernatural convention in Vancouver in August 2013.  I think I scoped out her table for a day and half until I found the perfect thing I could not live without.  It was a deconstructed charm bracelet made with wire.  Every single time I wear it, I get compliments.  It is simple, understated but pretty and unique (and can stand alone).  I have since made several more purchases, some for myself (I can’t help it) and for friends for birthdays and this past Christmas.  Each piece was made with care, each piece was unique and each piece beautiful.  I think what I like most about what Jodi does it that Jodi makes jewelry that makes sense to her – and those that buy from her get that. 

Ana Marie with some guy...can't QUITE place him.  Looks familiar...

Ana Marie with some guy…can’t QUITE place him. Looks familiar…

Jodi here again – THANK YOU ANA MARIE!  What a great interview this was.  Ana Marie and I are trying to figure out if we can get together at the next BurCon, so hopefully the planets will align properly and we can make that happen.

Ana Marie with Richard Speight Jr - lucky ladies!!

Ana Marie with Richard Speight Jr – lucky ladies!!

A couple of vamps with a vamp - Ty Olsson!

A couple of vamps with a vamp – Ty Olsson!

So I bet you’re wondering what the hell (pun always intended) I meant by ‘You can choose King or Queen of Hell.”  I figured it would be fun to let us fans choose, so next week at VegasCon – let’s have some election action! (please note that this is an independent contest that has absolutely NO bearing on the show.  This is strictly for fun and a chance to win a piece of my handmade jewelry).

We all know that Crowley and Abaddon are having a little tiff, so I figured let’s try to sort this out the democratic way.

For $1, you can buy a raffle ticket and cast your vote for either Crowley or Abaddon.  This will go on during the entire weekend, starting on Wednesday night, for those who are VIP pre-registering, all through noon on Sunday.

An hour before the vendor room closes on Sunday, stop by and find out who the fans have chosen to reign over Hell.  I will be selecting a random raffle ticket from the Crowley votes to win a King of Hell necklace and I’ll also be selecting a random raffle ticket from the Abaddon votes to win a Queen of Hell necklace.  It’s going to be a ton of fun!

Ana Marie and Erin with Hell royalty - maybe! YOU decide at VegasCon!

Ana Marie and Erin with Hell royalty – maybe! YOU decide at VegasCon!

At this time next week I’ll be in VegasCon!  I can’t believe how quickly it’s approaching.  I’ve been working nonstop with brand new designs being done daily.  It’s been an amazingly prolific time and I do hope that if you’re going to VegasCon that you come by and see me, just to say hi.

And don’t forget that Kat Sloan and I are running some great promotions – including a meet and greet with the author herself! Come check her out at and follow her on Twitter via @katsloan7

Kat Sloan's amazing book - Half Blood

Kat Sloan’s amazing book – Half Blood

If you can’t be there in person, you can always come say hi to me virtually through my shop where you have 24/7 access to everything I make!

Looking forward to seeing all of you!!

One of the brand new designs you'll see at VegasCon!

One of the brand new designs you’ll see at VegasCon!

SPN Bookmarks made of galvanized steel and personalized for YOU at VegasCon!

SPN Bookmarks made of galvanized steel and personalized for YOU at VegasCon!