About Jodi Zulueta

Jodi Zulueta
Proprietor and Jewelry Designer of Eldwenne’s Fantasy: http://www.eldwennesfantasy.com and http://www.eldwenne.etsy.com.

From childhood, creating was always in the forefront of Jodi’s mind.

This culminated into a degree in Communication Design from New Jersey City University where she studied under artists such as Ben Jones and Anneke Prins Simons.

Her focus is primarily jewelry design and painting, sometimes combining both art forms to create a juxtaposition of 2D and 3D interactions.

Making art attainable to the masses combined with volunteering is something very dear to Jodi’s heart.

She runs the art program for the Hoboken Shelter and is an active Board Member of hob’art – a cooperative gallery based in Hoboken, where she teaches wire jewelry design. For more information on hob’art, please visit http://www.hob-art.org.

She has exhibited in various venues and continues to explore new ways of expressing herself using creativity as an outlet and a source of introspection.

The materials she favors are metals, crystals, acrylic, oil, ink and glass.


3 thoughts on “About Jodi Zulueta

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  2. Hi, I saw your gorgeous jewelry at DCcon and I’m so glad I found your website so I can share it with my friends who didn’t go with me. I saw you also help with Clifhangers, and I wondered if you had a mailing address for Clif? Thanks, and keep up the amazing work!


    • Hi! Thanks for the kind words!

      I can’t give out any personal information for Clif but I’d be happy to pass along something to him.

      I will be doing MinnCon and can get things to him then, or if you prefer sooner you can mail it to me and I’ll forward it along.




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