Why the Women of the Supernatural Cast Continue to Inspire Me

I know it’s traditional for me to write my “Shit People Say to Me in the Vendors Room” posts immediately after a con – and it IS coming in a couple of days – but I did need to write this post for quite some time.

People often ask me what it is about Supernatural that keeps me watching.  The well-developed characters and story lines, the inimitable talent of every single cast member, and the emotional investment that is pulled from me at every turn.

But there’s a lot more to it than that – the actors themselves lead such true, genuine lives.

The female cast members that I have had the pleasure of meeting, of interviewing online, and watching in other projects have all been an incredible surge of influence in my jewelry as well as in my life.

These are in no particular order – each of these women are equally badass!

Lisa Berry


Lisa took us all by storm when she first appeared as Billie the Reaper in the episode Form and Void. Talk about an entrance!

When I reached out to Lisa for an interview on my show So Get This, she responded immediately.

Her warmth, her infectious smile, and her wisdom blew me away.

I became an avid reader of her blog http://www.lisaberrylive.com – this woman talks the talk AND walks the walk – total transparency with no smoke and mirrors.

Lisa’s posts are something I look forward to every time I get that *ding* in my email that a new post is ready for me to tear through.

She had a post entitled Advice I’d Give to My Younger Self that had a profound effect on me.  It made me realize the negative feelings I had towards myself were actually contributing to my failures.  That I needed to treat myself the way I would treat someone I love.  And that it’s completely OK to have setbacks as long as you jump right back in the ring and keep swinging.

As a result, I’ve been trying to lose weight and to date I’ve lost over 22 pounds (with more to go, but I’m on my way).

I had a So Get This follow-up interview with her recently where we spoke a lot about how important it is to have that conversation with yourself; to feel like you’ve just had a conversation with your best friend.

And that shit ain’t easy – I can tell you that.  But I’m trying.  To hear Lisa’s encouragement with emphatic conviction is enough to keep pushing me in the right direction and to love myself.

I thank her profusely and am grateful to count her as a friend.

Lisa's Inspiration

This is called “Lisa’s Inspiration”


Kim Rhodes – sigh…where do I even begin?


Thanks to Kim I was able to get my show So Get This underway.  She is a constant source of inspiration.

Her most recent epicness was at PhoenixCon.  Kim had been tweeting for a while that she had to do something that scared the shit out of her.  She was literally terrified.

During the Saturday Night Special, Kim got up on that stage.  Louden Swain broke into the beginning riffs of Blondie’s ‘One Way or Another’ and she OWNED it.  She made me want to go back to my 7 year old self when I had my first girl-crush on Debbie Harry, grab a yellow shirt, flip it over my head so I could pretend I had blonde hair, and sing along with her.

She may not have felt confident.  She felt vulnerable.  But you know what?  She FACED it and DID it.  And I know that even if it didn’t go the way she wanted it to go, she would still be just as fucking proud of herself as we all are.

Her campaign with other heros of mine: Briana Buckmaster, and Wayward Daughters is something that originates from authenticity, empowerment, and love.

Kim’s blog is her soul bared.  She writes as she speaks.  She speaks as she feels.  She feels as we all do and is unapologetic as fuck.  And I look up to this woman with all my heart.

Kim's Authenticity

Kim’s Authenticity

Briana Buckmaster


Briana was my very first interview on So Get This. She had just appeared as Sheriff Donna Hanscum and I LOVED her character.  I was a WRECK…so nervous.  I think we both had a swig or two of some liquid courage right before the interview and it was a fucking blast.

My trivia contest that I sometimes have at the end of the show consisted of guessing how many times Briana said ‘fuck’ or a form of ‘fuck’ throughout the interview.  I believe the answer was somewhere around 41 times? I’ll have to re-watch to get the number but it was hilarious.

To see her on stage during karaoke or The Saturday Night Special – she’s a force to be reckoned with.  Her powerful voice matches her powerful personality.

She frequently posts things on twitter that make me nod emphatically YES! One of her  tweets celebrating a milestone in the WaywardAF campaign made me fall in love with her even more.  Her healthy body image, her confidence, and her beyond insane sense of humor (I literally cry when I read some of her posts) are all things that continue to inspire me daily.

Briana's Realness

Briana’s Realness

Ruth Connell


Ruth is as elegant in person as she is on television.  She moves with a dancer’s grace and her beauty is mesmerizing.

I had the honor of interviewing Ruth on So Get This last year and it was an absolute treat. She is quick-witted, takes her craft very seriously, and is a luminous human being.

Ruth has appeared as Rowena in 18 episodes of Supernatural – giving her the most frequent appearances for a female character on the show.  We love how she crafted (puns always intended) Rowena, and when she told me about how she prepared for her role by studying witches, I fell in love.

She finds joy in everything – she clearly enjoys the conventions, the fans, her fellow-cast members and con-mates.
It’s her endless positivity that I find to be grounding.

She posted this quote in the comments of her interview on So Get This:

“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not: the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.” Calvin Coolidge

Need I say more?

Magic of Ruth

The Magic of Ruth

Samantha Smith


I interviewed Samantha on So Get This and I have to say – before the interview I was INTIMIDATED and NERVOUS as all fuck. I mean, this is Mama Winchester!

Not two minutes in she had me relaxed and ready to rock.

Samantha has tremendous insight and a knack for bringing a new perspective into the mix.  In speaking with her, you’ll find her words are never superfluous; everything is always deliberate, to the point, and ON point.

I love reading her tweets – they are very much like her personality – they are always on point and she posts what she thinks, not what is ‘popular’ or ‘trendy’.

She is a genuine human being and I’m honored to consider her a friend.

Samantha's Confidence

Samantha’s Confidence


Emily Swallow


Emily played one of my all-time favorite female characters – a BADASS at that – Amara, The Darkness.

I interviewed Emily on So Get This earlier this year.  She has a very diverse skill set ranging from comedy to Shakespeare.  Yes, I got a tutorial in Shakespeare from Emily and I thank her for dumbing it down for me so I could get it, lol!

She has a cabaret act, JacNSwallow where she demonstrates her singing abilities as well as her HILARIOUS writing abilities along with her best friend Jaclyn Huberman.

As their FB page states, they have a new project coming soon.  But never prematurely.

She reminds me that the only limitations I have are what I put on myself.

Emily was pure joy to speak to.

Emily's Light 1_edited

Emily’s Light


These women have all been tremendous role models for us and I firmly believe that not only their characters on the show are responsible for Supernatural’s continued success, but their personalities and influences as women are as well.

Thank you for all that you do, ladies.


All  of the jewelry featured here is available and can be found at Eldwenne’s Fantasy


Thank you.




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