Wormstaches, Ruler of Hell Results, Free Necklace Op, & Why SPN Fans are the BEST Bunch of People to Get Your Geek on With!

Down to the Wire - Jewelry by Jodi Zulueta

Before I delve into my Sin City experience, I want to announce that from this post forward, I will be having a contest for my readers to win a free piece of jewelry each week! Wait until you hear which piece is up for grabs this week – whoo hoo!

VIVA LAS VEGAS – Whew!  I arrived in Vegas early Wednesday evening.  Wow was it hot.  As my friend Ana Marie said to me via text, “You’re in the desert, baby.”  Um, yeah.  That would be a good reason why I was a tad uncomfortable.  I took her advice to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate and then set up shop in the vendors room.

I was selling both my wares as well as the best t-shirts and beanies you will ever own – incredibly awesome Clifhager gear!

The Clifhanger table - GET THE GEAR The Clifhanger table – GET THE GEAR – check out their FB Page!



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