Supernatural Opportunities and It’s a Wrap!

Last week’s Supernatural Convention in Whippany, NJ opened a HUGE door for me – Creation Entertainment has asked me to vend at more of their events!

There are 2 Vampire Diary conventions and 4 Supernatural conventions – I am beyond excited!

The schedule:

– The Vampire Diaries Official Convention 7/13/2013-7/14/2013 in Parsippany, NJ

– Salute to Supernatural 8/23/2013-8/25/2013 in Vancouver

– Salute to Supernatural 10/11/2013-10/13/2013 in Toronto

– Salute to Supernatural 10/25/2013-10/27/2013 in Chicago

– Salute to Supernatural 11/22/2013-11/24/2013 in Los Angeles, CA

– The Vampire Diaries Official Convention 12/14/2013-12/15/2013 in Orlando, FL.

If anyone will be at any of these events, please come say hi to me! If you mention my blog, I’ll have a special piece reserved just for you as a special thank you for your support!

One of the most popular pieces that sold at the convention was my original design – a wrap necklace.

I take memory wire and adorn it with gorgeous seed beads. Then I wire-wrap a focal stone. The finishing touch is adding chains with either crystals and/or charms, which hang down to the shoulders.


This is my Tree of Life wrap necklace.


This is the Goddess Spiral Wrap. The design concept is the same, however, I played with the idea of having two different lengths of chain.

The necklace was made with chains of equal lengths, however, I decided to wrap one side of the chain around a little more to see how it would appear with asymmetry.

All of the necklaces can be worn symmetrically or asymmetrically. I think asymmetrical is a bit edgy.


This is my Keys wrap. I wrapped Swarovski red crystals to silver skeleton keys – this was a convention favorite!

I then started playing around with wrap bracelets.


I used the same keys here as I did in the necklace, but I wrapped glass pearls on them to complement the gorgeous glass pearls in the wrap.

So now that I know what the attendees of the conventions are looking for, I know what work is cut out for me in terms of designing more pieces and having adequate inventory to cover all of these amazing upcoming events!

I set up a Go Fund Me page so that I can hopefully attract donations to cover all of the travel and supply expenses I’m going to need in order to attend these conventions and make them a success.

The link to my go fund me page is below. All donations will receive a gift certificate to purchase jewelry in my etsy shop: – it’s a win/win!

Thank you all for your amazing support and I look forward to seeing you guys at the conventions!

This is the start of an incredible journey and I look forward to taking you all with me!


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