Going Au Supernatural, Too Legit to Quit, and What if I Need the Bathroom?!?

Here we are again with a complete nonsense title and you’re bracing yourself for who knows what…

I promise it won’t be too bad on the crazy scale – I think!

Anyone watch the hit show Supernatural?  Or is it more sense to ask who DOESN’T watch this amazing show??

I am so super psyched because as of this Friday, May 3 through Sunday, May 5 – I will be in the same breathing space as the wonderful people who make this show so spectacular – its fans and actors.

A vendor’s table has been rented (oh my god this better work – it’s expensive as hell!).  I will be pitching my wares in person to the crowds at the Supernatural Convention in Whippany, NJ!

Now I’ve done the flea market route, but this is different – my target audience will be there, not the senior citizens asking me to justify why I can’t charge $2 for a Swarovski crystal necklace.

In order to become a vendor, I needed to take the plunge – take my jewelry business and go the legal route – I am now officially a registered, legal business entity – whoo hoo!

The only challenge I’m really nervous about is the fact that I’m going to be alone, at least on Friday.  WHAT IF I HAVE TO GO TO THE BATHROOM???  I think I’m going to have to strike some crossroad deals about my bladder for the day….or just hope I have friendly vendor neighbors.

I’ve spent the past several weeks in a creative binge – I cranked out close to 200 NEW pieces, in addition to my current inventory.

Some experimentation resulted in some fantastic new designs!!

This is my wrap necklace.  I’ve done so many different versions of it but this is one of my first and I am so proud of it!  It’s called “The Mermaid’s Folly”


Other pieces that I am really excited about are my woven pentagrams, found objects, Wiccan charm bracelets, wrap bracelets (smaller modification of my wrap necklace concept) and of course, more fun with my Jewelry in the Raw series!

I wanted to create a woven pentagram:


Using found objects was a blast – take a gander at my square plate with flowers:


One of many different Wiccan charm bracelets:


Wrap bracelets – LOVE this and made one for myself!


And one of the newest additions to my Jewelry in the Raw series, a gorgeous clear quartz geode ring!


None of these pieces are going to be available online – only in person at the Supernatural convention.  Of course, if they do make the trip back home I will be adding them – to my BRAND NEW WEBSITE!!

http://www.eldwennesfantasy.com is in the process of being built and I anticipate it being completed within the next two weeks.  I will let you know when the doors have opened with some really fantastic celebration offers!

My etsy shop, http://www.eldwenne.etsy.com, of course is still open for business as usual and I have many fantastic creations there ready for the picking.

If you email me at eldwenne@yahoo.com with the words ‘GOOD LUCK AT THE SUPERNATURAL CON’, I will send you a coupon code for a 20% discount off any item in my etsy shop  (not including gift certificates).

So wish me luck!  I’ll try to grab some pics for my next post to show you how absolutely amazing the Supernatural fans are!


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