Wedding Season, Supernatural Overdosing and Did I Just Become the Avon Lady?

Try to wrap your brain around that title for a moment…I’m still trying, actually.

Being unemployed (in the traditional sense) has been a blessing in so many disguises.  There’s so much clarity that I now possess, or at least now have access to, that simply wasn’t available before.  And no thanks to immersing myself in some Sam and Dean ala Supernatural…sigh….that really does the brain (and eyes!) some good.  All eye-candy aside – the writing on that show is fantastic and does actually expand my brain cells a bit.  Mix that up with the newfound clarity and some wonderful things happen.

So with that let out to dry, let’s talk about wedding season for a moment, shall we?

Having planned my own wedding all those years ago, I still look back to that time with great fondness.  Yes, really.  Both my husband and I had a total blast calling the shots since we paid for everything ourselves.  Very few people dared to challenge us since they knew our retort was, “Oh, you think we should do X?  Are YOU paying for it?”

It was glorious!

What I spent a lot of time fretting over was the bridesmaids’ gifts.  Being a jewelry designer, you’d think I would’ve just cranked out some pieces and called it a day.  Can you believe I didn’t even make their jewelry??  I was too busy controlling, er, WORKING with the DJ to get the music just right.
Looking back I do regret not making their gifts.  To (over)compensate, I came up with a fantastic offer.

Wouldn’t it be the nicest gesture to show your bridal party that not only here is the jewelry that you better effing wear on your special day, but have them CREATE it themselves?  Throw them a jewelry-making party with the jewelry hostess with the mostest.  Sorry, I truly couldn’t find something less trite.

I will go to your home or venue, sit down and design the pieces right then and there with your bridal party.  I’ll teach them how to manipulate wire, how to use the tools, how to create a working design that will last far beyond your wedding day.  It’s fun, it’s the whole chick-flick bonding thing, alcohol can be added to the mix for some interesting design inspiration, and it adds another fond memory to planning your wedding.

And the bridesmaids will forever be talking about how fun it was to create something and flaunt it to the masses.  A special keepsake.


A wire forged piece can be a fun activity

With that in mind, I’m now offering a whole new line of JODi (Jewelry on Demand) parties:

Children’s parties where I come to the home and using your chosen theme create charm bracelets or necklace/earring/bracelet sets.


Charm bracelets are so versatile and customizable – perfect for kids!

Wedding entertainment – I will go to your wedding with a table set up for your wedding guests to enjoy some jewelry making.  Their favor from your wedding will be made by their own two hands.  The components will be items of your choosing that have significance, be it found objects, color themes, etc.


Found Objects are great ways to create an elegant yet simple design

The old fashioned jewelry workshop – I will go to your home and do a wire jewelry design instruction workshop.

So with all that in mind, I realized, wow – I’m going to be spending an awful lot of time in people’s homes – have I just become the Avon lady??  Not to worry – I’m not handing out crappy lipstick samples.  Just don’t step on the rug in bare feet – you might step on a Swarovski here and there…

Anyone interested in having a jewelry making bash for your princess or to thank your bridesmaids, or to get me into enjoy your wedding while I entertain your guests with some fab jewelry making activities – you can contact me at

If you mention ILOVEYOURBLOG in your email to me, I’ll knock 10% off the price of the package!


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